filter, screen, filter disc, screen,stainless steel wire mesh

filter, screen, filter disc, screen,stainless steel wire mesh

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filter, filter disc, screen, stainless steel wire mesh,
Air Filters & Intakes , Air Filter
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Anping Shengli Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

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Product name filter, screen, filter disc, screen,stainless steel wire mesh Certification -
Category Air Filters & Intakes
Air Filter
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filter, screen, filter disc, screen,stainless steel wire mesh

Varieties of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Opening:
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh produced by us is classified into two types according to the weaving patterns:
stainless steel wire mesh plain woven
Stainless steel wire mesh twill woven

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Plain weave is the most commonly used weave. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below each weft wire. Warp and weft wires generally have the same diameter.

Twill Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is made by each weft wire passing alternately over two, and then under two successive warp wires and each warp wire passing alternately over two and under two successive weft wires. It is possible to be used to allow a heavier than standard wire diameter.

stainless steel wire mesh Varieties according to materials:
stainless steel wire mesh type 304
Stainless steel wire mesh type 304L
stainless steel wire mesh type 316
stainless steel wire mesh type 316L

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Uses
: Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire cloth products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environment protection, mine, airspace, paper-making,electronic, metallurgy etc. Special size and specification are available according to customers' requirement.

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Anping Shengli Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

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China China /
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Northern Xinying Developing Zone
Product Category
Iron,Steel,Wire Mesh
Company introduction

Established in 1988, Anping Shengli Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers and exporters specialized in wire mesh and series wire and mesh products. We main supplying various steel grating, stainless steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh, various of insect screening, crimped wire mesh, black wire cloth, barbecue wire mesh, square wire mesh, fencing wire mesh, barbed wire, razor wire, Welded Mesh Panel for Reinforced Concrete Construction, hexagonal wire netting, chain link fence, perforated metal sheet, and black iron wire, galvanized iron wire, U type wire, cut wire to customers for nearly 20 years, Shengli are a recognized leader in the wire mesh industry for its rich experience in production and management. Its products have been exported to Korean, Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, and some other countries and regions in the world and have won very good reputation among our customers.

Shengli Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. has been providing the highest quality product in many different forms to many different markets including aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive, medical, environmental, and many others.

Shengli Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. is able to offer a broad selection of reliable, high quality wire mesh products and services. Whether you need wire mesh in rolls, cut pieces, custom woven wire cloth or custom fabricated parts, Shengli Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. is ready to serve you!


Shengli aims to provide helpful and timely service, to supply the highest quality wire and mesh products and to produce top quality fabricated parts at competitive prices. 


We strive to provide the excellent and high quality solution at the lowest possible cost for your applications. We are ready and willing to help with the design of a filter, screen, or wire cloth part. More and more new applications are developed daily. Whether working to your specifications, government specifications, or your customers' specifications, Shengli Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. can supply what is needed on time and at a competitive price.

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