Solar Desk Table Office Workspaces Lamp

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Solar Desk Table Reading Lamps  Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd

Teach children to learn more science and protect Earth environment

  1. New design – produce LIGHT with solar cells and LED (light emitting diode)
  2. Energy saving – get LIGHT even no electricity in the home
  3. Green lighting – convert sunlight energy to electrical energy
  4. Money saving – no need to pay the electricity fee
  5. No electric power and no electrical connections
  6. Get LIGHT at home without using the main electric power supply

Main features:

1.  The solar panel pack has 3 pieces built-in rechargeable 1.2V 1200mAh batteries.

2.  To recharge the batteries, just take out the solar panel pack from the lamp and put it under direct sunlight for 9 hours in sunny day or 12 hours in cloudy day.

3.  The solar table lamp can light up 3-4 hours for once the solar panel pack is fully charged.

4.  It provides 400 to 500 lux at starting time with a reading distance of 30 cm and 300 lux even after 3 to 4 hours continuous lighting.

5.  Long life: LED diode lifetime approx. 50,000 hours

6.  No replaceable parts are included

7.  All parts can be replaced by technician

Product description and materials:

Light Source: White LED (China made)

Lamp housing: ABS plastic
Reflector: Polycarbonate plastic
Protection Len: Acrylic plastic

Lamp base body: ABS plastic
Flexible Arm: Steel, surface painted in black color
It is available in Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow colors.

Batteries: 3 pieces 1.2V 1200 mAh rechargeable batteries.

Product dimensions:

Lamp head diameter: 7.4 cm, thickness: 2.5 cm
Flexible arm: 45 cm
Base diameter: 13.6 cm, thickness of base: 2.65 cm

Package measurements & weight:

1 piece per poly-bag and paper box, weight 0.70 KGS;

20 pieces per carton, carton gross/net weight 15/14 KGS.

Measurement of box:30.5*17*2.8cm

Measurement of carton: 34x34x37 cm

Delivery time:30-45 days after receipt of our customer order or deposit (depends on quantity)

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11 Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd

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    China China
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    Ch Yao

  • Address

    Qishi Town,Dongguan City

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    LED Lighting,Portable Lighting

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  • Company introduction

    Torch&Flashlight LED Bulbs Manufacturer  Design Patent!!!!


    Welcome to Dongguan Chuang Hao Electronics Limited. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of LED lighting company. We are located in Dongguan City , Guangdong Province , China.


    Dongguan Chuang Hao Electronics Limited is established in 2000. We specialized in Research, Design and Manufacturing for high quality LED lighting Products . We are mainly produce LED products , LED miniature lamps, LED spotlight, LED globe lamps, LED tube light, LED auto lamps, solar garden lamps and other related solar lamps.

    We also produce Krypton miniature bulbs, pre-focus bulb .


    And now our monthly output of LEDs is 100 KK pieces , and led bulbs about 3,000,000 pieces per month.Our factory is around 3,000 square meters, there is over 200 employees. We have professional engineers who designing innovative products and testing products quality. We also have QC to control our products when produce on every procedure. All of our products have passed CE and ROHS standard.


    Our company focuses on being market-oriented, the quality of the product is the base of the enterprise development. So we are very strict in management procurement of raw materials, parts manufacturing, assembly, testing, sales and after-sales service. According to the quality certification standards, company has one scientific system for production management.


    We also welcome OEM orders. Wish we can build business relation in near future!

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    • Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd
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    • Solar Desk Table Office Workspaces Lamp

      Solar Desk Table Office Workspaces Lamp

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