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11 Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd


China China

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LED Replacement Torch Flashlight Bulbs Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd  Ch Yao

Item Number Designed Operating Voltage Average Current Light Emitting Color Light Intensity Correlated Color Temperature  
At V*  
LLE-1C-WW 1.2~1.5V* 60-100mA Warm white 40000 mcd (1.5V) 2600~3400K  
LLE-1C-NW 1.2~1.5V* 60-100mA Neutral white 40000 mcd (1.5V) 3500~4600K  
LLE-1C-CW 1.2~1.5V* 60-100mA Cool white 40000 mcd (1.5V) 4700~6500K  
LLE-2C-WW 2.2~3.0V* 50-80mA Warm white 55000 mcd (3.0V) 2600~3400K  
LLE-2C-NW 2.2~3.0V* 50-80mA Neutral white 55000 mcd (3.0V) 3500~4600K  
LLE-2C-CW 2.2~3.0V* 50-80mA Cool white 55000 mcd (3.0V) 4700~6500K  
LLE-VC-WW 1.0~5.0V* 200-70mA Warm white 3-50000 mcd 2600~3400K  
LLE-VC-NW 1.0~5.0V* 200-70mA Neutral white 3-50000 mcd 3500~4600K  
LLE-VC-CW 1.0~5.0V* 200-70mA Cool white 3-50000 mcd 4700~6500K  
LLE-1C-series 1.2V          
LLE-2C-series 2.2V          
LLE-VC-series 1-5V          
LLE Series1.len-end type E10 screw base
2. 1.2 to 5V, 50000 hours
3. warm white or cool white LED
Flashlight LED bulb ,Len-end type LED Bulb with I.C. inside
**Design Patented**
(A)   LEN-END type LED (Light Emitting Diode) with E10 screw base.
(B)   Power consumption of LED: 0.06Watt.
(C)   Operated by D.C.: Bottom point (+ positive), side contact (- negative)
(D)   Electronic and Optical Characteristics :
(WW)Warm white:2600~3400K, (NW)Neutral white:3500~4600K, (CW)Cool white:4700~6500K.
* Maximum safe operating Voltage.
(E)    LED Life time: Long life, 50,000 hours under correct operated voltage.
(F)    Usages: Replace ordinary LEN-END screw base torch bulb.
(G)   It gives steady brightness of light.
(H)   Completely withdraw energy of batteries, lower power consumption.
(I)     Lighting Color: available in white (cool white, Neutral white and warm white), red, amber, green, blue, also multi color flashing.
(J)     Marking on base:
Packing: 100 pcs per box, 5,000 pcs. per carton.
Minimum order: 5,000 pcs. per item
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11 Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd

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    China China
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    Ch Yao

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    Qishi Town,Dongguan City

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    LED Lighting,Portable Lighting

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  • Company introduction

    Torch&Flashlight LED Bulbs Manufacturer  Design Patent!!!!


    Welcome to Dongguan Chuang Hao Electronics Limited. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of LED lighting company. We are located in Dongguan City , Guangdong Province , China.


    Dongguan Chuang Hao Electronics Limited is established in 2000. We specialized in Research, Design and Manufacturing for high quality LED lighting Products . We are mainly produce LED products , LED miniature lamps, LED spotlight, LED globe lamps, LED tube light, LED auto lamps, solar garden lamps and other related solar lamps.

    We also produce Krypton miniature bulbs, pre-focus bulb .


    And now our monthly output of LEDs is 100 KK pieces , and led bulbs about 3,000,000 pieces per month.Our factory is around 3,000 square meters, there is over 200 employees. We have professional engineers who designing innovative products and testing products quality. We also have QC to control our products when produce on every procedure. All of our products have passed CE and ROHS standard.


    Our company focuses on being market-oriented, the quality of the product is the base of the enterprise development. So we are very strict in management procurement of raw materials, parts manufacturing, assembly, testing, sales and after-sales service. According to the quality certification standards, company has one scientific system for production management.


    We also welcome OEM orders. Wish we can build business relation in near future!

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    • Chuang Hao Electronics Ltd
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      LED Replacement Torch Flashlight Bulbs TOP Sale

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