UIM24302 Self-pulsing stepper motor controller

UIM24302 Self-pulsing stepper motor controller

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Other Machinery & Industry Equipment , Motor Accessories

UI Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product name UIM24302 Self-pulsing stepper motor controller Certification -
Category Other Machinery & Industry Equipment
Motor Accessories
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Product Information

Miniature Integral Design
 Miniature size 42.3mm x 42.3mm x 16.5mm (L x W x H)
 Integrally designed to fit onto motors seamlessly, as well as work standalone
 Die-cast aluminum enclosure, improved heat dissipation and durability
Motor Driver Features
 10 - 30VDC input voltage, Max 2A adjustable phase current
 16th micro-stepping
 Dual full H-bridge with PWM constant current control
Control Features
 Embedded microcontroller
 Self pulse generation, automatic run on power-up
 Speed control through on-board trimmer 0.15 - 1900 RPM (UIM24302A)
 Speed control through external potentiometer 0.15 - 1900 RPM (UIM24302B)
 Speed control through 0 - 5V voltage input 0.15 - 1900 RPM (UIM24302B)
 Acceleration function
 Switch control run/stop, direction, enable/shutdown
 Automatic current reduction / power saving
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UI Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China /
Business type
Snow Bai
B104, No.456, Bibo Rd, Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Pudong New District, Shanghai 201203, China
Product Category
Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Sewing Machines,Motor Accessories
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Company introduction


United Intelligence Robot Technology., LLC is a high-tech enterprise registered in the Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, UIROBOT is committed to devote to the development of robotic industry. Our robotic products have full independent intellectual property rights, and are protected under multiple domestic and foreign patents.

We advocates the philosophy of modular design and manufacture, that is, all the robots are one by one independent modules, all module uses a unified communications protocol to communicate with each other. In addition, the mechanical interfaces of all modules are also simple and similar to each other. Different modules can be assembled flexibly to form different functions of the robot. With user friendly features, users do not need to understand how the specific module works at the backend; they just need to combine/separate modules according to the request, which can greatly improve the versatility and flexibility of the robot application and assembly.

Under UIROBOT, we have developed a variety of robot components, such as wheeled and tracked mobile platform, comes with dedicated camera rotating head of the robot, military-level operation control box,small size, powerful functions intelligent stepper motor controller to CanBus protocol-based robot control system and so on. These components can be used to resolve related technical problems by themselves, or they can be combined together to form different functions of robotic products.

We hopes to develop new ideas and new realms in the filed of robotic research/manufacturing with advanced R&D concepts, so that the robot product can be as home computers, which plays an active role in the daily life of ordinary people. We desire to become the benchmark for robotics company worldwide, and push the robotics industry into an advanced era.

As a component of intelligent robot, we launched a series of stepping motor controllers. They are characterized by small size, strong driving ability, with full intellectual property rights, completely different from existing similar products in the market. The size of these motor controllers is 42mm * 42mm * 14mm (L*W*H), with the corresponding mounting flange, they can be directly mounted onto the 42/57/85/110 series of stepper motors. Our ultra-miniature and micro intelligent stepper motor drivers is categorized into parallel port series, UART (e.g. RS232) series, CAN series etc. Our stepper motor controller is the only product featured by small size, high intelligence and high driving performance products in domestic industry.

UIROBOT believes in "customer first, be creative and proactive", we will continue to provide our customers with great product and quality service.


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