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8 Yulim Machine Co.,Ltd.

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    As Yulim Machine Co.,Ltd. wood crushers are made of

    types (Self-Propelled, Movable, and fixed types), you can select

    any one considering equipment usage and work area and we will

    adjust the machine to the most suitable work conditions.   


    - Manufacture of wood crusher & sawdust machine

    - Manufacture of sawdust production line
    - Manufacture of wood processing machinery

    Wood crusher and sawdust producing mualti-machine





    Merit of Yulim’s Wood Crusher


    Input part (wood input device)

      Up/down vertical compression input type using tensile springs 

    As the upper roller with a big diameter works up/down and vertically,

    it is easy to input thick, big tree. The width of input hole is made 3 times

    bigger than that of chipper entrance to make possible the input of any tree

    with twigs and bent branches, resulting in much higher work efficiency.



    Cutting part (disc rotary cutting device)

      A disc rotary cutting device with stronger resistance to cutting power

    of the blade and crushing load (registration for a utility model )




    So we producing other machine of industry





    Self-Propelled Types




    Movable Types





    Fixed Types












    Sawdust production line



    Wood Chips & Sawdust produced by Yulim's Machine






    Wood crusher and sawdust producing Multi-machine



    Wood chip spin blade and sawdust cutting drum are combined into

    one unit, it is a perfect multi-machine to produce both chip and sawdust.




    If you are interested in our product, please never hesitate to contact us.


    Thank you very much.

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    8 Yulim Machine Co.,Ltd.

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      Oh Gyeongchun

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      476 Kumbak-ro, Jain-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, Korea

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      Machinery & Parts,Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Other Agriculture & Farm Machine

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      Reliable company for customers! To supply best products through quality improvement, we have led changes and growth of the market based on continuous management innovation and ceaseless technology development. And, with innovative product development we have become the top company in Korea Our management and staff will continuously strive for a far more reliable company with the support of customers. By recycling even small leaves as useful resources, we will do our best to make nature and human live together. Thank you Yulim Machine Co.,Ltd.

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