Wearable IV Pole

Wearable IV Pole

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hospital equipment, medical equipment, ezpole, portable iv stand,
Beauty & Personal Care , Medical Devices , I.V Equipments , Commercial Furniture


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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name Wearable IV Pole Certification -
Category Beauty & Personal Care
Medical Devices
I.V Equipments
Commercial Furniture
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Keyword hospital equipment , medical equipment , ezpole , portable iv stand Unit Size -
Brand name EZpole Unit Weigh 400 g
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Supply type - HS code 3926909000

Product Information



EZpole® the Only Wearable IV Pole You Can Wear.


Wearable IV Pole with Innovative Design 


Helps Improve patients' mobility as well as faster recovery!  




No need to push/haul around IV poles to move around.

  Patients under IV administration can go anywhere - corridor, elevator, toilet, and in and - out of hospital - all alone!

Patients can take a light exercise after surgery or meal.

Comfortable to wear for an extended period by ergonomically distributing weight.

Accommodates IV in 500ml, 1000ml PVC types and 500ml Bottle type.

IV containers mounted safely at three points to prevent shaking/rocking.


Revolutionary "EZpole® "

Minimizes needs for patients assistance.

Helps patients rapid recovery.

Less-Congested elevators.

Prevents IV Bag from falling accidentally.

Minimizes Plasma backflow.

Improves bed turn-rate.

Enhances hospitals image.


Who can use "EZpole® "

Patients with only IV administration.

Patients receiving pain-killer injection after surgery.

Patients in and out of cancer treatment(i.e.,chemotherapy)

Children under IV administration(EZpole to be worn by accompanying adult)

Inpatient without a guardian or caregiver.

Patients receiving IV(for Nutrient Therapy) and other short-term IV administration.

Patients treated at home.


Wearable IV Pole "EZpole®” "

Won 2012 Reddot Design Award

Selection 2012 MOTIE/KIDP Good Design


Excellent Design / Safety / Wearing Feeling


Ergonomic Design

Maximizes Patients Mobility.

Adjustable to fi t various body size/types.

(equipped with large/middle/small size suitable for the shoulder)

Can be worn on either left/right shoulder.

Frees both hands.

Easy to wear/take off alone.

Tripple soft pad made of the most advanced material.

(Comfortable even for an extended use)

Disposable Cover available for patients hygiene.

(Shoulder soft pad, Main Strap, Under-arm Strap)

Built with strong and light weight plastic material.

Easy to Assemble/Disassemble/Maintain.

Super-light weight(400g).


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50Kg under



110Kg over

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Maximum Load

IV agent 2Kg

Product Dimension

141mm × 174mm × 593mm



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type
2F 276 Pilun-dong, Jongro-gu seoul korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Medical Devices,I.V Equipments
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Company introduction
Mobiu Co., Ltd is originated from a compound word of mobile and Utopia and means ‘Convenient World for Free Movement’. “EZpole”, a portable ringer pole where innovative idea and ergonomic design are applied appears in the world. “EZpole” helps that inpatients can freely move alone while receiving linger liquid and is a product to reduce the difficulty of care for a carer. “EZpole” is an useful and convenient product even for general peoples who receive linger liquid at a local clinic or a home. I hope that “EZpole”, a portable ringer pole on a new concept makes a hospital pleasant environment, improves image of hospital and is helpful for the management of hospital. Mobiu Co., Ltd promises to become a corporation that endeavor to develop the most advanced products that are further innovative and that users can conveniently use for the improvement of the mankind’s quality of life.
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