Carbon Light Therapy , Visible light treatment, Light Therap

Carbon Light Therapy , Visible light treatment, Light Therap

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carbon light
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physical therapy equipment, visible light treatment, phototherapy, depression. atopy
Medical Devices , Beauty Equipment , Other Beauty Equipment , Health Care Supplement , Body Massagers , Rehabilitation Therapy products , Other Health Care Products
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kumgang advance co ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Carbon Light Therapy , Visible light treatment, Light Therap Certification -
Category Medical Devices
Beauty Equipment
Other Beauty Equipment
Health Care Supplement
Body Massagers
Rehabilitation Therapy products
Other Health Care Products
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Keyword physical therapy equipment , visible light treatment , phototherapy , depression. atopy Unit Size 38.0 * 45.0 * 100.0 cm
Brand name carbon light Unit Weigh 50 kg
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Product Information

What is Phototherapy? Carbon Light Therapy Apparatus is...... Light medicine receives attention from medical treatment area. Light has absolute force to living creatures. Carbon Light (Light Therapy Apparatus) warms up the human body. Visible lights are able to send same heat to the body as the energy (heat) obtained by eating the food or taking the air.

We can be affected by the spirit in medical treatment, but when the disease cannot be cured by the medicine or operation, we sometimes depend on natural healing and we may get surprising recovery. As visible lights are needed in the nature, living things contains the light. They are based on the law of nature.

Why diseases increase in spite of medical or scientific development? Since human did not make animals, we need lots of time and sacrifices to explain it. Riddles exist limitlessly. Phototherapy shows the possibility of cure controlling light energy which is essential to living things. It proves that a few % of light energy may cure the disease. There is still unknown area in light energy, but it can be one of treatment methods.

 Why Light? Living creatures cannot survive without light (ray). Human also maintain the life breathing the air and taking the nourishment, and obtain necessary energy for reproduction and survival under the sunlight.  In the types of lights that are used in medical treatment, visible lights have duality of wavelength and particle, and when wavelength is emphasized, we call it a light wave, and when particle is emphasized, we call it a photon. There is a treatment using these characteristics of lights.

 Visible light treatment is applied to the treatment to various diseases or symptoms. Light penetrates into our body and it can raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity and germs, viruses or cells are killed by high temperature.

Carbon Light Therapy Apparatus is...... Humanity worshiped the sun as a god in ancient times and they used sunlight as a treatment method of diseases. In medical history, Hippocrates (born in 500) who is regarded as the father of medicine started to use a light for the treatment. Since then, light treatment has been spread over the world with scientific and medical evidences. Hippocrates said “If disease cannot be cured by medicine, it should be cured by operation, and if it cannot be cured by operation, it should be treated by the heat.”

It is to treat the affected part using the spectrum that is generated when carbon rod containing high purity elements is burned at high temperature.


What is the Full Spectrum Light System?

Arc light is an unprecedented Visible light therapy equipment that can simultaneously perform the chemical and physical actions of light. 

"If carbonized light is examined, carbon and various elements mixed during carbon rods burn together and light energy along with light," 

which penetrates deep into the body, 

improves blood circulation, increases immunity, increases metabolism, produces and activates vitamin D in the body, increases calcium in the blood,

 activates the secretion of hormones, and promotes cell proliferation, which increases immunity. Carbon light also strengthens cells with cell regeneration and increased heat-activated protein (HSP).

Light penetrates into our body and it can raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity 

and germs, viruses or cells are killed by high temperature.


Principle of arc light

The Visible light therapy equipment principle provides arc discharge by installing electrodes in special medical high purity carbon. 

This causes plasma to occur in the electrodes.


 The combustion temperature of carbon emits combustion luminescence at an ultra high temperature of about 3000 degrees. 

This is the only natural light that faithfully reproduces the principles of the sun (plasma phenomenon) and is a phototherapy device 

using very advanced technology that produces an artificial sun of 1cm in diameter, automatically controls the computer, 

and controls the wavelength of light. 

This advanced technology has been researched and developed by Kumgang Advance


(The surface temperature of the sun is about 6000 degrees) At this point, it creates an artificial sun with a diameter of 1 centimeter that burns at an ultra-high temperature of 3,000 degrees. 

Arc rays emit more than 100,000 types of wavelengths simultaneously, without distinction, such as in units of 0.01 nm, in units of 0.1 nm, from 290 to 5000 nm. This is called [Full-spectrum light system]. 


The same continuous spectrum as solar energy is the light that cannot be made without carbon arc method, which burns materials at ultra-high temperatures on the same principle as the sun. 

As these 100,000 kinds of light make each feature stand out and cover each other's shortcomings, light collaboration takes place. 

In addition, the wavelength range of this collection of lights is a combination of seven medical carbon that can be freely controlled by computer control and by disease-specific symptoms. Because continuous spectral light emits all light, the wavelengths of light currently used in medical and beauty care emit all.

(UVB, UVC, which is harmful to the human body, does not emit any dangerous high-power light that causes burns such as lasers and IPLs.)



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kumgang advance co ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Neungseo-myeon,200-23 in Guyang-ri, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Electrical Components & Telecoms,Electronic Products,Other Beauty Equipment,Other Health Care Products,Rehabilitation Therapy products
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Dear Customers,

We will upgrade the life of human through the development in medical market keeping the pace with 21 century’s advanced digital times.

We will do our best to focus our management capacity in carrying out our management philosophy introducing new management method with long-term investment and research through the establishment of R&D center to enhance the position as the leader of IT and BT industries reviving challenging and pioneering spirit in tune with digital era.

We are the company that manufactures medical and health equipments to contribute to medical development through the supply of advanced medical equipment developed along with remarkable science development.


Our company has maintained its position for more than 20 years by special knowhow and spirit of ‘Customer First’, and medical department of Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd. will become a reliable company contributing to medical development continuously.


Our company developed carbon light therapy apparatus by light and heat utilizing sunlight.Today’s human health is always exposed to the danger, and our health is threatened by serious pollution and a lot of stress. As the world entered the aging society, importance of health and wellbeing is becoming the main topic. Interest in health is growing in this era as such.


Our product ‘Carbon Light’ has many thermal effects to warm the human body. Phototherapy that liberates the person from the suffering by the disease without taking medicines or undergoing operation using carbon light cures the modern diseases and boosts immunity. To recover the health, we need to utilize natural healing power kept in our body. Our company aims to give health and happiness to our homes and we are going to export the products worldwide.


We will do our utmost effort to realize Medical Equipment Health care Skin beauty healthy welfare society.  in the future based on public confidence through excellent quality and outstanding individuals contributing to medical development, and we will become a company of e-biz & industry that brings beautiful world and harmony of on-off line. 

Thank you.


Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd.


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