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[JA-022] Short sleeve women’s knit dress applied appliqué on the lower half. Acrylic 100%

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6 Universe Trade Partners


Country South Korea South Korea

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Response Rate 15.79%

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Product Information

Womens knit dress, Customization size and color according to order

Universe Trade Partners offers versatile man and women‘s clothing to clients through the world in collaboration with designers and sewing factories. They have more than decade of experience manufacturing garments in which is located near DONGDAEMUN FASHION TOWN in SEOUL SOUTH KOREA. Now our work focuses on producing Ladies’ knit dresses with acrylic, poly or acrylic and wool blended fabrics, and in using knitted fabrics are not only remarkable elasticity but our high-standard skill and know-how would be satisfied customers in terms of products‘ quality, such as self-springing when it pop out the knee and wrinkle, sustainable color, sewing etc., The production management is proceeded under quality-oriented that subject to rigorous quality control to meet fastidious customers in reasonable price. We are providing clothes customized color, size and design in your favorite way.

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