GENESIS Weak acid Amino Soap pH 5.5 skin care cosmetic

GENESIS Weak acid Amino Soap pH 5.5 skin care cosmetic

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South Korea
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cosmetics, skin care, soap, transparent,
Bath Soap
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CNM Cosmetic Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2000
Business type
Verified Certificate


Product name GENESIS Weak acid Amino Soap pH 5.5 skin care cosmetic Certification -
Category Bath Soap Ingredients -
Keyword cosmetics , skin care , soap , transparent Unit Size -
Brand name Genesis Unit Weigh 95 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 340119

Product Information

GENESIS N-Amino Bar pH5.5 

(Weak acid Transparent soap)


+ ZERO Skin Irritation!

+ The most similar soap to our skin

+ Helps keeping moisture on your skin

+ Good for troubled, atopic, and acne skin


Characteristics : Introduced for the first time in Korea, it is a weak acid transparent crystal soap based on natural amino acids with pH 5.5 identical to human skin, whereas other soaps on the market are made with petroleum surfactants. It is most effective for atopic or sensitive skin for ceramides on the stratum corneum are cleansed out without being damaged. Also, it does not contain non-surfactant, making the soap effective for skin with acne, baby, atopy, sensitive skin.




Directions : Lather with lukewarm water to cleanse the area. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Store in a dry place after use for prolonged use

Innovative highly functional cosmetic soap for the treatment of acne-prone skin


 Size : 95 g  /  3.3 oz

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CNM Cosmetic Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2000
Business type


Yun, Suk-min
1F, Seowon B/D, 40-19, Cheongdam-dong , Gangnam-gu, Seoul Korea
Product Category
Eye Cream & Mask,Face Cream & Lotion,Facial Cleanser,Skin Care Serum,Sunscreen
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Company introduction

C&M Cosmetic introduction


C&M Cosmetic, provides Derma-cosmetics to more than 600 clinics in Korea, was established in July, 2000. C&M Cosmetic was founded by Opinion Leading Dermatologists, cosmetics ingredient specialists, international trend specialists, and other specialists who took the lead in OEM & ODM concepts to develop premium-quality cosmetics which anyone with beautiful skin can use.


The cosmetics have been developed for the last 19 years to improve their effectiveness and to get rid of side effects. As a result, their superiority has been proven not only in domestic markets but also in the world.   

By developing products suitable for customers tastes and skins, adopting global trends through Kolmar Group, and working with many chemists and research centers at home and abroad, C&M Cosmetic has been able to create excellent quality products which are available now in the offline market in Korea.

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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

South Korea South Korea

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