Implant system (SLA surface)

Implant system (SLA surface)

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Cowellmedi Co., Ltd

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Product name Implant system (SLA surface) Certification -
Category Orthodontic Supplies
Other Dental Equipment
Other Dental Supplies
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 - INNO IMPLANT SYSTEM, produced by South Korean's first dental implant  manufacturer-


1. Surface treatment (INNO SLA)

 Surface treatment: SLA (Sandblast Large grit Acid etch)

Uniform micro-surface geometry, increased BIC and improved surface wetness

-Macropore and Micropore of Titanium Oxide layer mimicking the etched enamel rod of tooth

-Uniform distribution of roughness through whole length of fixture

-Hydrophilic wettability by activation with alkali rinsing solution



2. State of the art design

(1) Platform Neck / Open Thread

a.Platform Neck

-Stable engraftment of periosteum in the boundary surface of surface of bone and implant

-Prevents possible infections around the implant

b.Open Thread

-Possible to place deeper even without drilling

(2) Wide and deep upper thread 

-Prevents the compressive necrosis of cortical bone

-Minimizes the need for countersin drills

-Reinfroces mechanical strength by reinforcing thickness

(3) Spiral round cutting edges

-Maximize the efficiency of self tapping with a sharp edge

-Accommodates bone chips as ideal cutting edge

(4) Apex Thread with a sharp cutting edge

-Higher initial stability, prevents tissue ripping in Sinus Area

-Prevents ripping sinus area

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Cowellmedi Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Kim Soo Hong
#501, Geumcheok B/D, 16-8, Teheran-ro 64-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Industrial Supplies,Orthodontic Supplies,Other Dental Equipment
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Company introduction

A global leader in bio-technology and dental implant industry. Cowellmedi is the one of the most Established and Recognized Company that has been producing Dental Implants, Bone Graft Materials & Implant surgical kits since 2000. Cowellmedi first developed Dental Implant & rhBMP-2 in South Korea and is the first corporation of the localization of dental implant system. Cowellmedi is only one Korean company with patent obtained rh-BMP2 in U.S & Korea. Cowellmedi has adapted world class cutting edge technology to dental implant system & bone graft materials. Cowellmedi pulls all its weight to device innovative technology in order to develop superior goods leading the future of state of the art dental implant technology integrated with new paradigm in biotechnology. As a matter of its policy, Cowellmedi maintains very high standards and never compromises on quality at all. With up compromising dedication to the profession, it has a focus on its action that unifies itself, adds value to its work and simplifies the modern dentistry & bio-medical technology. Cowellmedi is exporting our quality products to about 20countries and is obtaining very enthusiastic Response from its valued customers due to its professional mannerism, competence and progressive supporting system. Recently, Cowellmedi is in collaboration with Korean Government & its partners to develope & lauch a dental implant with no need for bonegraft. Be ready for your future with Cowellmedi Co., Ltd.

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