Graphite Jigs for Glass-to-Metal Sealing

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Shengzhou Sigma Technology Co. Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 2009
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Category Machinery
Electrical Supplies
Vacuum Equipment & Parts
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Product Information

Graphite jigs are used in the production of semiconductor encapsulations by glass-to-metal sealing or brazing connections. The greatest precision is needed in machining these parts. The graphite grades used must exhibit low abrasion, high edge strength and particularly high resistance to oxidation and carbonizing. 
Raw materials of graphite is from toyo tanso and sgl group. More than 15 years of production experience with processing of high precision CNC machine ensure the quality of our products. 
Our Graphite jigs have been used in following area: 
Quartz crystal units, High Efficiency Semiconductor Devices, power transistors, transistor outline package, glass-to-metal (GTM) hermetic seals, connectors, feedthroughs, and related components for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, high-amperage and power-bolt feedthroughs utilize, highly compressed seals for hermetic sight glasses that are used as windows for visual level and flow indicators in high-pressure or vacuum, sensor feedthroughs applications, Pump Feedthroughs, Hybrid Automotive Compressor Feedthroughs, Initiator Components, Lithium Battery Feedthroughs, hermetic packages for high frequency and fiber optic electronics, surface mount connections, RF50 Ohm electrical feedthrus, DC feedthrus, capacitor feedthrus, multi-pin feedthrus 

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Shengzhou Sigma Technology Co. Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 2009
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Xianyan Industrial Park, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Product Category
Electrical Components & Telecoms,Other Electronic Components,Other Graphite Products,Other Machinery Parts,Other Minerals & Metallurgy Products
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Company introduction

Shengzhuo Sigma Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-pure graphite machining products with decades history. We were used to be part of Shanghai Carbon Factory which wsa the biggest graphite factory in China in1980s. 

We focus on providing carbon-graphite system for semiconductor Glass-to-Metal sealing and Vacuum furnace industry.

Our products include: 
Graphite sealing Jigs for Brazing and Glass-to-Metal
Vacuum furnace graphite components 
Carbon Carbon Composite (CFC, C/C) machining products (Plate, Screw, nut, Bolt and others as the requirements of customers)
High Purity Graphite Electrode for Quartz crucibles
High Purity Graphite for Polysilicon
CZ Ingot Puller &
DSS Furnace Thermal Field
Graphite boatC/C carrier for PECVD
Carbon felt for heat insulting

Our company has established long-term cooperative relationships with its upstream and downstream production enterprises. All of our graphite and carbon raw material are from Germany SGL group and other international famous companies. 

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