Easy Tapioca Pearl

Easy Tapioca Pearl

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Other Fruits
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Product Information

Easy Tapioca Pearl

Easy Tapioca Pearl is very easy to use as you do not need to boil in order to defrost it but use hot water or microwave. It is manufactured in Taiwan and you can enjoy original flavor of bubble tea. Moreover, it was proved to be safe by SGS - a multinational company which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services.


  • Tapioca Pearl easily prepared for bubble tea


  • Easy : You can use Easy Tapioca Pearl immediately after defrosting it with hot water or microwave
  • Original : Easy Tapioca Pearl keeps original flavor of bubble tea as it is manufactured in Taiwan - originator of bubble tea - and with its technology
  • Economic : It is hardly wasted as you do not need to boil a large amount of pearl in advance. Small-sized packs of Easy Tapioka Pearl that can be stored/distributed in frozen form allows to keep best quality


  • Product type: Sugar processed goods/ Sterilizing materials
  • Weight and composition: 600g/1 pack x 20 ea / a box
  • Stored and distributed in frozen form
  • Expiry date: 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • Usage: various types of bubble tea, ice flakes and ice cream toppings

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Whostyle CoLtd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Nov 18, 2022
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Kim Jinseok
115, Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Food & Beverage,Other Foods,Milk Powder,Ice Cream
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Company introduction


The small interest for the Yogurt that started in early 2000 has been changed to a huge trend in USA, China, Korea & Southeast Asia.  It is a world-wide trend that the high-quality, premium & health- considering product like a frozen yogurt gets a attention in dessert market. 

Starting the China in 2006, YogurBerry has expanded the market to USA, Malaysia, Vietnam with success & experience in Korea , 2004 and now YogurBerry is operating more than 100 stores  in the world.  The specially designed Yogurt product & unique culture is making a new culture, getting a great popular interest of the natives.

The product of YogurBerry has the very special sour & sweet taste that appeal to the public and meet the woman's demand of unique and healthy light dessert with low calories & low fat product.
YogurBerry yogurt powder uses only fruits sugar derived from fruits - the result is a lower that GI19 index rating (the first and only yogurt product to have such a rating in the industry).  Also, the concept that customers can choose their own several kinds of toppings (various fresh fruits, nuts, syrups) on the ice-cream that is served in each country has had a success to make a new culture.
After brand launching of YogurBerry, Whostyle Co.,ltd have been operating the head-office of YogurBerry in Korea. 

The strengths of Whostyle are 
 1. Whostyle has a benefit to R&D ability to develop, improve & optimize powder for each country.
 2. Whostyle has an excellent  raw material developing ability & designing margin structure.
 3. Whostyle has a buying power for the essential machine.

Whostyle has got a success to appeal to young generation in the world and create  the unique & special culture with YogurBerry & Various menu (all natural low fat frozen yogurt, Yogurt smoothie, flake, coffee & bakery)

YogurBerry has currently entered into market of Korea, USA, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Brazil, Sudan, Indonesia, Portugal & has a plan to expand the shops in more than 15 countries. 


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