saeangmeori Eoyumi Oriental Herb Hair Color Cream

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8 Saeang Co., Ltd.

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    Saeangmeori - Eoyumi Oriental Herb Hair Color Cream
    Capacity : 100g+100g

    │ Features │

    • Protects hair that could be easily damaged after coloring by containing ceramide cholesterol.
    • Prevents trouble by minimizing irritation to scalp.
    • Maintains healthy and glossy hair as various herbal extracts (cnidium, iris, coix) providing moist and nutrients to hair.
    • Maintains clear color for long period of time after the treatment.
    • Convenient to use with cream-type that does not leak or spatter.
    • Provides pleasant hairdye environment with less irritating odor.




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    8 Saeang Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee, Donggyu

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      2F,71,(Yonghyun-dong),Sandan-ro 68byeon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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    • Company introduction

      “Saeangmeori is oriental herb hair brand that aims to provide healthy hair and scalp to our customers.”

      Saeangmeori products are specialized hair products made from various oriental herb extracts that help in moisturizing your hair, including shampoo, treatment, essence, hair color and styling products.

      As functional cosmetics, products like Oriental Herb Eoyumi Liquid Shampoo and Oriental Herb Dabit Hair Color Cream have been certified for their safety and effectiveness.


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      • Saeangmeori - acidity shampoo - treatment

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      • Saeangmeori Oriental Herb silky therapy essence

        Saeangmeori Oriental Herb silky therapy essence

      • Saeangmeori Oriental herb hair multi essence

        Saeangmeori Oriental herb hair multi essence

      • Saeangmeori Oriental Herb multi soft hair essence

        Saeangmeori Oriental Herb multi soft hair essence

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