Smart Filler Patch for Eye Wrinkle

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eye care, filler, wrinkle care, anti againg,
Eye Cream & Mask
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JS & Company Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
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Trading Company
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Product name Smart Filler Patch for Eye Wrinkle Certification -
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Product Information

Eye Patch
Why use the Smart Filler Patch?

No matter how great their components are, most transdermal cosmetic products are barely absorbed by the skin ? creating an effect like spreading cream on glass.

With ours, it’s a different story, where the secret to delivering cosmetic products deep into the skin lies in our cutting-edge biotechnology. Experience the amazing change in your skin through the highly effective delivery methods.

‘Smart Filler Patch’. Simply affix the patch to the skin, and the bioactive product will begin seeping deep down through the epidermal layers. This product is easily applied by self-administration ? no need to go to a clinic ? making it possible for you to take care of your skin anytime and anywhere.

The smart piller patch provides minimally invasive treatment. Thanks to its biodegradable microstructures, your beauty treatments can become painless and needle-free. The ‘biodegradable microstructure’ fabrication technology of Raphas Co., Ltd. does not cause a change in temperature or UV levels, nor does it inhibit the effectiveness of the product being delivered.

The patch is easy to carry and store, and can be adapted with other technology for a wide variety of medical uses, such as vaccines.

Eye Patch
EGF, Hyaluronic acid
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JS & Company Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
Business type
Trading Company


Hong Seungkuk
#511,kwongsung B/D, songnae-dong, sosa-gu, bucheon-si, kyeonggi-do.KOREA
Product Category
Face Mask,Facial Care,Other Health Care Products
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Company introduction

JS &Company. Co. Ltd was well-established in March 2001, which Manufactures and Trading high quality Beauty, Healthcare and Kitchen Products in the spirit of partnership and dedication to quality.

 We do design, manufacture and develop skin-care Cosmetics , Healthcare(include baby care) products and kitchen products for various international Markets in top-quality, competitive pricing, attractive packaging And on-time delivery so that they become saleable, affordable And fulfill the customer's qualitative expectations.

Through continuous innovation and use of the latest Technology, JS & Company.Co.,Ltd has maintained a consistent and Reliable quality in manufacturing its products, and has Positioned itself as the leader in our products' market.

We export to over 20 countries in the world such as USA, UK, Denmark, China, Hong kong and Singapore.

 Our products will The flagship brands widely recognized by worldwide Consumers.

If you have any questions, please send us your  email.

Best regards,

 JS & Company. Co. Ltd.

Seungkuk Hong



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