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fire extinguisher, fire extinguishing spray, fire fighting and exstingusher, fire extinguishing spray/fire suppresant,
Fire Extinguisher , Firefighting Equipment
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Iquest Co., Ltd.

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Product name Fire One Shot ; Spray Type Fire Extinguisher Certification -
Category Fire Extinguisher
Firefighting Equipment
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Product Information

1) Why Fire One Shot?


◆ Light and Small

Conventional fire extinguishers are heavy and big. Fire One Shot is an aerosol one-touch spray type, size of a hair spray, and light weight(482g).


◆ 360° use

Unlike regular fire extinguishers, Fire One Shot is capable of upside-down use. Now you can put out the fire in the ceiling or in the corner of the floor


◆ Heat absorption

 When it sprays, it absorbs heat, freezing the ignition point so the fire does not start again.


2) Fire One Shot Characteristics


◆ Easy to use: Light weight spray type 

◆ Excellent performance: Sprays, cuts out the air, and freezes the ignition point, all at the same time, preventing the second fire

◆ No more bothering: The agent inside does not harden, it is semi-permanent

◆ Eco-friendly: The agent is made of herbs, no harm to humans nor the environment

◆ No residues: Does not leave any residues

◆ Less dangerous: you can use it in the long distance and still put out the fire

◆ No worries of suffocation: No uncomfortable smell or tear gas


3) Details of Fire One Shot




 Total weight 

 Agent weight  

 Spray type fire extinguisher

aerosol type, portable 

482 g 

340 ml 

 Spray time 

 Spray distance 

 Spray temperature 

 Noticeable features 

 10~11 sec.

4 ~ 5 m 

0 ~ -40° 




No corrosion



* The size and capacity can be changed according to buyer's request


4) Fire One Shot pouch valve


Inside the bottle is placed a pouch connected to a valve, and between the pouch and the bottle, is compressed air. The extinction agent is inside the pouch so there is no preoccupations of corrosion.




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Iquest Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type
Trading Company


Sun Mo Kim
407, 55 Digital-ro 34-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul
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Medical Devices,Other Fabric
Company introduction

Dear sirs,

It is my pleasure to send you this letter to introduce our company and present our services and products.

IQUEST Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, specialized in international trade. We are experienced and ready to meet your needs. We have our trade partners in Asian countries like China, Japan and Mongolia, and also American countries such as the United States and Mexico. 

IQUEST Co., Ltd. specializes in commercializing quality Korean products to countries all over the world.

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This product, with patent, is an innovative product that prevents spilling. It is made of silicone, and stretches out to fit almost every mug cup. Even if you turn it up side down, drops the cup unexpectedly, the cap will prevent it from spilling. This product is recommended for children use and also senior citizens.

We promise that we will do everything possible to offer you the products that fit your needs with the best quality and reasonable price.

If you have any questions regarding the company or products, please contact Ms. Su Yeon Jeong. 

Thank you very much.

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