Gondre herb rice

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8 Hanwoomul food

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Gondre herb rice

    │ Description │

    Filled with natural, makes tasty and healthy dining table.
    hanwoomul's Special technology

    1. Using fresh ingredient
    2. Direct fried pressure heating
    3. Individually Quick Frozen(IQF)

    │ Feature │

    This is a good product for you.

    • Easy meals for singles
    • Healthy diet for Elders
    • Nutrients for children
    • Tasty food for those who are interested in Asian or Korean culture

    │ Specification │

    • One dish meal
    • Delicious
    • Easy to eat
    • Convenient cook
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    8 Hanwoomul food

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Choi Jungwoon

    • Address

      112, Baekja 1-gil, Yongji-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Foods,Rice

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    • Company introduction

      Founded as an agricultural product processor, HANWOOMUL has rapidly grown as a food specialist that makes fresh-packed agricultural products and frozen stir-fried rice, which are supplied to renowned enterprises in Korea and all over the world.
      With its passion and challenging spirit, We has researched and developed technology. 
      The quality of HANWOOMUL’s products has been proven by HACCP, GAP, ISO 9001 and INNO-BIZ certificates and the Best Rice Foodstuff Designation.
      HANWOOMUL is honest.
      Its honesty starts from fresh ingredients.
      Based on contract cultivation with local farms, we have a stable supply chain that provides only 100% local ingredients. The freshness of the ingredients is kept intact by quality and quantity inspections and clean processing systems.
      HANWOOMUL has a fully-automated processing system from cooking to packing.
      The HACCP certificate shows its dedication to safety and quality.
      HANWOOMUL’s frozen stir-fried rice is ready to serve within 4 minutes using a stove or microwave. There are 20 varieties to choose, from chicken curry to prawn and vegetable, ham and vegetable, and seafood.
      Full of nutritions including carbon hydrate and protein, it is a simple, fast and balanced meal for time-pressed business people and singles.
      Full of passion and the challenging spirit, we always research and develop new products to take the lead in the future food culture and contribute to the globalization of Korean foods.
      HANWOOMUL makes the safest and healthiest foods.
      Our products are under strict control from production to distribution so that our customers can enjoy the products with an easy mind.
      Powered by customers’ love, HANWOOMUL will be a food company that spread quality Korean foods made of local ingredients all over the world.
      We raise the value of local agricultural products.
      We boost local farmers’ pride.
      We value our customers’ health.
      Safe food made with mom’s love.


    • Main Markets
      • Canada Canada
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • Gondre herb rice

        Gondre herb rice

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        Gukbap (Traditional Korean rice soup)

      • Fried rice

        Fried rice

      • Japchae Fried Rice

        Japchae Fried Rice

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