Vegan meat (soy meat) processed food products

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vegan dumpling, soybean meatball, pieces of soymeat, soybean bulgogi,
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8 Wellnessfarm

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    12 types of vegan meat (soy meat) processed food products


    All our ingredients are 100% vegan. We put our maxium effort to use organic vegetables and non-GMO products as much as possible for all our dishes and drinks. We especially set our particular focus on sourcing our ingredients from local producers to offer our customers the most natural, healthy and delicious cuisine. We use as much organic
    vegetables as possible and non-GMO products We use vegan, high-protein foods. Soy protein, itself, is a very healthy food to eat between meals. Our products do not contain any artificial additives. Our products are easy to prepare and fast to cook. Our products can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender Our product can also help you lose weight.

    │ FUNCTION │

    • We use as much organic vegetables as possible and non-GMO products
    • We use vegan, high-protein foods.
    • Soy protein, itself, is a very healthy food to eat between meals.
    • Our products do not contain any artificial additives.
    • Our products are easy to prepare and fast to cook.
    • Our products can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender
    • Our product can also help you lose weight

    │ FEATURE │

    • NO cholesterol
    • NO chemical additives
    • NO GMO
    • NO ingredients of animal natural
    • NO trans fat


    • Weight: 80g
    • Storage: Keep frozen -18 degrees
      * 100g per
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    8 Wellnessfarm

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Kim Hyungchul

    • Address

      #215 Marine-Bio Center.,140, Baegyang-daero 700beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

    • Product Category

      Food & Beverage,Other Foods,Health Care Supplement

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    • Company introduction

      Wellness-farm is a company specialized in producing, manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly Korean agricultural products and is focusing on not only expanding sales routes through development of products and packaging designs that can enhance the value of local agricultural products, but also on developing various processed products that can enhance the expiration period without losing the natural nutrients and ingredients of agricultural products.

      Currently we are selling over 600 products of 56 local farms and are aiming to become one of Korea's top four biggest eco-friendly food company following Chungjungwon, Haechandle and Pulmuone.

      We are conducting research on and investment in not only the functional aspect of the food, but also the visually attractive aspect to catch our customers’ eyes, which is intended to compensate for farmer's harsh efforts.




      In addition, we will continue devoting ourselves to research and development of new food products, aiming to let customers know more about safe food products with outstanding quality.


      Main Products
      12 types of vegan meat (soy meat) processed food products, Bio-plant enoki mushroom


      Vision Slogan
      To become one of Korea’s top four biggest eco-friendly food company
      Thank you for visiting WELLNESSFARM.
      Wellness means health and energy plus Fitness means active health pursuit.
      Plus FARM means expert in our farm sea products.


      We aim small distribution to connect consumers and makers.
      WELLNESSFARM is specialist of eco-friendly farm products making and distributing.
      WELLNESSFARM doesn’t follow existing way of farm products distribution to announce Korea’s 8 regions eco-friendly farm food is out motto.

      Consumers can join producing and harvesting directly and indirectly by making SNS online community and operating farm-tour.

      To aim wellness life by providing our farm product database with great faith. We want to secure both farming fishery market openings and sakes of consumers. To be more we will be eco-friendly local food cooperative by consumer joining. That makers and consumers gather around to do cooperative business to get economic and social profits.

      We encourage your active joining and we can spread and consume right foods.
      Thank you.



      We are living the era of various and rich foods by economic growth and western life patterns.

      Eating out is naturally increasing and our table is getting richer but also danger of foods is getting higher too so eating right food campaign is on nowadays to warn incorrect eating habits.

      Ironically we have modern high techs in our lives for food but only rich quantities but no good qualities and it is really happening.

      All over the world aging population is huge problem, in farms aging is more than doubling in cities. According to 2011 agriculture and forestry dept. data no using farmland rate has been tripled in 11 years. This will be getting worse and cause more food imports.

      To stop this we need to make going-back to farm project and let them produce farm food and let them give market openings with government, corporates and our efforts.
      For this WELLNESSFARM is getting out of big distribution system to help. To open roads for selling local eco-friendly food by co-operative stores with less food mileage.
      Only 15 years ago no one thinks buy water to drink it.

      Now it is happening and in not too far future safe food will be more important than monetary value. Above all I and my family have to eat food so this can’t stressed too much.
      Transgenic food and farm fishery food with chemicals are getting growing.
      So we need to change our thoughts to protect ourselves from them. 


      WELLNESSFARM is making efforts to develop our farm processed food that have high quality and available on long term storage to encourage local farm product sales and keep stable supply with stable market price.

      Local food price is going up by moving long distance and that cost.Food that we eating is moving 7000km averagely according to data from National science research center that is 10 times higher that France.Consuming short distance moving local food is good for health but also good for environment.

      Local farm product market is opening by consuming short distance moving local food and its profits returns to local community to activate local economy and encourage local farmers and consumers into eco-friendly local food cooperative association.






      Few government and social agencies are trying to sell and promote eco-friendly farm fishery food but it is not so close to consumers and farmers and fishers who need more market openings.

    • Main Markets
      • China China
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • Myanmar Myanmar
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Main Product
      • Fresh Enoki Mushrooms

        Fresh Enoki Mushrooms

      • Vegan meat -soy meat- processed food products

        Vegan meat (soy meat) processed food products

      • Extract of black garlic

        Extract of black garlic



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