Thick Film Heating Element for Electric Kettle and Pot

Thick Film Heating Element for Electric Kettle and Pot

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Shanghai minkvon industry co.,ltd

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China China / 2011
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Product name Thick Film Heating Element for Electric Kettle and Pot Certification -
Category Other Home Appliances
Electric Kettles
Other Kitchen Appliances
Industrial Freezers & Ice Makers
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Thick film heater is a new type of heating element using film net printing technology to print different materials (such as insulating medium, heating resistance and glass glaze) on the surface of stainless steel mother-board by high temperature sintering procedure.


Product Features:

-          Using new thick film technology which is stable and reliable

-          The heating film is made of new type nonmetal materials which could be printed on stainless steel board, no lead, no poison

-          The shape of stainless steel mother board could be defined according to different product design

-          Heating power could be more than 3000 W

-          Power density could be 5-60 W/cm2

-          Rapid warming:

It takes 20 seconds to heat 250 ml water

Comparing with traditional PTC heater for hair pin (DC 3.5 V), it need 50% time to reach 180 ℃

-          High heat transferring rate (70-99%)

-          High corrosion resistance

-          Because using of the high temperature (850 ℃) sintering technology, the heating film could be hardly damaged

-          High insulation property: rated insulating voltage is: 1500 V, max 3750 V

-          Long service life based on patent protected temperature controller: 100,000 times

-          Complying with RoHS and UL safety standards

Our thick film heating elements are used in a number of applications, such as in household
appliances, railway transport, gastro-facilities, machinery and many other industrial sectors. The
thick film heating elements are produced in large volume, as well as special single-piece


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Shanghai minkvon industry co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2011
Business type
Trading Company


jose zhang
pudong shanghai China
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Welcome to Shanghai MinKvon Industry Group's official website! VAT NO.: 310115568041657; Custom Register NO.: 3116962534

As professional full complete service / solution provider of global purchase projects, our service industrial areas mainly focus on Electronic / Electric and (TLUNG) Plastic products & technical solutions.
In order to provide the service above more perfectly, we started integration of supply chain ever since 2011. Till year 2013, our production bases covering the 2 industrial areas above increased to 18 factories. They locate in Shanghai city, Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Guangdong province.
Meanwhile, we started strategic cooperation with Shanghai MINKIA Electronic Technology Research Institute so as to upgrade the technical supporting procedure on electronic & electric purchase projects according to project management standard of ISO10006:2003.


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