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8 Global Sealing Systems INC.

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    GLOBAL SEALING SYSTEMS is Rubber Rolls & Rubber Molded Parts producing

    and selling company. One of our main products, Rubber Punched Strip Seals

    are slit-to-width rolls of rubber with holes punched at precise uniform intervals,

    perfectly suited to sealing between bolted or riveted panels of medium to large

    sized tanks. GSSK equipped to manufacture virtually any type of rubber, any

    width, and any holes size or spacing configuration.


    Typical application

    Door seals for silos and tank to provide sealing for products such as sugar,

    flour, oils, chemicals and other all kinds of contents.


    Available Materials

    GSS Rubber Punched Strip Seals are available in the following materials

    (Popular varieties include Neoprene RUBBER PUNCHED STRIP SEALS impression

    for general purpose.)


    Nitrile Rubber (Buna-N) 

    Used for petroleum products 

    White Nitrile(FDA approved) 

    good for general purpose food and medical products storage. 



    Superior weather resistance  

    Economical general purpose tank sealing material.  


    Silicone rubber  

    Suitable for both low and high temperature extremes as well as food and  medical products.



    Suitable for both high temperatures and chemically volatile  



    Various non-rubber gasket sheeting material 

    sponge rubber, foam, plastic etc.  



    Average thickness for punching is between 1/16~1/14(1.6mm~6.4mm) for most tank sealing applications. However this is not a limitation and GSS easily apply the same prosses to thinner and thicker varietied of rubber and other materials.


    Hole Shapes, Size, and Spacing

    GSSK can manufacture virally any holes pattern, and can even supply oval, square, or alternate shaped holes. Of coures, all rubber materials are available in |slit-to-width rolles without any holes, as well.


    Seal Length & Width

    Tank stripping is usually sold by uncut roll size, which varies by thickness and variety between 25 and 300 foot lengths.
    Naturally, we can generally cater to special requirements on Roll length.


    Dimensional Tolerances

    Tolerances vary according to material and dimension specifications, but typically runs around +/-.015 inches on key dimensions like width and hole diameter.



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    8 Global Sealing Systems INC.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kerry Rhee

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      Centum jungang-ro, 97,(48058) A-2511, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

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      Global Sealing Systems
      EMI/RFI Shiedling/Wire Mesh Company


      Competitve Strength


      -Automatic Facilities


      -Up to 6 layers of Wire mesh


      -Density Adjustment




      Manufacturing Facilities

      One of GSS’s competitive advantages is Automatic Utility. With our exceptional technology, we have been able to make cost minimization and Quality Improvement come true.


      “Reliability of function at lowest cost, resulting from good design and the use of capable processes.”


      This is GSS’s mission to our customers!


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        Rubber Punched Strip seals

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        Watergate seal

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        Rubber Molded Parts

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