FM-200(HFC-227ea) Clean agent Fire Extinguishing System

FM-200(HFC-227ea) Clean agent Fire Extinguishing System

Optimally-designed, Proven-performance, Cost-effective MASTECO's FM-200 Fire Extinguishing System - Piston Flow System

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Masteco Piston Flow System
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gas cylinders, fire detection and alarm system, fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguishing system,
Firefighting Equipment , Other Firefighting Equipment
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Masteco Industry Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1982
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Product name FM-200(HFC-227ea) Clean agent Fire Extinguishing System Certification -
Category Firefighting Equipment
Other Firefighting Equipment
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Product Information

FM-200(HFC-227ea) Piston Flow System is an optimally engineered clean agent fire extinguishing system designed in strict accordance with NFPA 2001 for total flooding application covering multiple and long distance protected areas.
The clean agent, FM-200
(HFC-227ea) is stored in the cylinder in a liquid form superpressurized with N2 gas to 24.8bar at 70℉(21 ℃). During discharging FM-200(HFC-227ea), high pressure (up to 80bar) N2 gas stored in the separate cylinder(s) is (are) introduced into the vapor spare of FM-200(HFC-227ea) agent cylinder pushing FM-200 clean agent like a gas piston rendering the product name "FM-200(HFC-227ea) Piston Flow System".

The conventional systems are known as having the difficulty of discharging the gas agent to a long distance to suppress a fire.
Compared to the inert gas suppression systems, it also enables you to save labor and materials costs as the gas agent storage pressure is lower than that of the inert gas suppression systems.

1) Longer Distance Protection
FM-200 Piston Flow System discharges the clean agent over 400ft (130m) to a protected area. Compared to the conventional systems, the max. discharge distance is almost twice.

2) Protecting Multiple Areas at Lower Costs
Highly configurable system installation. Save significant equipment costs by installing a single system for multiple protected area.

3) Easy maintenance
With all storage cylinders placed in a single accessible place, the required periodic inspection and maintenance can be conveniently and quickly carried out.

4) Safety
Using FM-200, it can keep the oxygen concentration as high above 18-19% during fire suppression. And, no residual after discharging.

5) Internationl Standards

UL Listed and FM Approved. 

- Computer and Data centers
- Telecommunication and Broadcast centers
- Power Generation and Electrical rooms
- Chemical labs and Processing plants
- Hospital's medical testing facilities
- Museums and Libraries
- Bank vaults
- and many more

* Note) Fire Detection and Alarm System not included. Please contact us or your own supplier.



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Masteco Industry Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1982
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Oh Ju Hwan
Aenggogae-ro 490beon-gil,173, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Product Category
Firefighting Equipment,Other Firefighting Equipment
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We,Masteco Industrial Co., Ltd., are specialized in designing and manufacturinghigh-performance firefighting equipment and firefighting equipment. Productsinclude clean agent fire suppression systems, sprinklers, valves, flexible tube,and related support equipment. We provide services to various industries suchas semiconductors, power plants, oil refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas.

Wewere established in Incheon and Seoul, Korea in 1982, and started the firsthalon fire suppression system in Korea. Since 1982 we have now proven ourcapabilities in a variety of industries.

Startingwith the UL listing of our Clean Agent Suppression System in 2014, to meetinternational safety standards, we have been obtaining UL certification as wellas FM approval for sprinkler heads and all valves.

MASTECO's products are: 
1) Water-based fire extinguishing equipment and systems
- Sprinkler heads (UL listed), Flexible hoses with fittings (UL Listed), and Alarm check valves (UL Listed & FM Approved), Pre-action valves, Deluge valves (UL Listed), Vacuum sprinkler system etc. 
2) Gaseous firefighting equipment and systems 
- FM-200 (HFC-227ea) Fire Suppression System (PFS, EFS / UL Listed and FM Approved), Novec (FK5-1-12) Fire Suppression System (Under developing) , FIRESAFE, and US DOT cylinders etc. 


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