Anti-fog transparent hygienic sanitary  mask

Anti-fog transparent hygienic sanitary mask

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restaurant antifog face mask, hospitality sanitary mask, hygiene restaurant sanitary mask, food drink transparent sanitary mask,
Workplace Safety Supplies , Face Shield

Asepsists Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2008
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Product name Anti-fog transparent hygienic sanitary mask Certification -
Category Workplace Safety Supplies
Face Shield
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Keyword restaurant antifog face mask , hospitality sanitary mask , hygiene restaurant sanitary mask , food drink transparent sanitary mask Unit Size -
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Restaurant Transparent sanitary anti-fog face mask----Hospitality transparent mask,Restaurant mask,Food and Drink staff sanitary mask
a. Features:

1. Good looks,stylish,light weight,comfortable,convenient and portable in wearing.

2. Has a reasonable space with the face, eliminating hot feeling, not causing secondar pollution due to mouth secretions from nose and mouth.Wearer can talk freely,and will not be embarrassed for bad breathodor to boost self-confidence.

3. Non-disposable and can be reused after being cleaned and disinfected at any time, economical and practical,can reduce environmental pollution.

4. Can effectively block all kinds of invisible harmful bacteria and emitted droplets during unconscious communicating to avoid an unpleasant feeling brought to customers.

5. Facial expressions can be seen through the transparent mask.Can neither block nor erase women's makeup to increase self-confidence and demonstrate courtesy and respect to others.Also,the potent patenttransparent mask is elaborately designed based on facial features,and has a certain space to the nose and mouth,so that the wearer can breathe smoothly.

6. Transparent mask is made of transparent,non-toxic,tasteless food-grade materials that are environment- friendly,it can be repeatedly used after being cleaned and disinfected at any time. It is an affordable and comfortable product for wearer. Transparent mask not only effectively separates a variety of invisiblepathogens and harmful bacteria,but also abandons the traditional gauze masks with many shortcomings.

7. This is a patent product which has gained the FDA,CE and other certificate for safe usage in all hospitality,food and drink,and any sphere with face to face customer service.

b. who wear it:

1. Service staff in beauty salon/massage clubs,etc

2. Food /drink serving staffs in restaurants,club,canteen, pub,…

3. Hospitality industry staffs

c. To be noticed:
washable (use water or special cleaning liquid) till 60-100 times (180 days-360 days) --permanent transperent mask

 FOB (Shanghai, China): USD 0.97-1.21 /Piece 

 MOQ: 1000 Piece


This is a patent product which has gained the FDA,CE and other certificate for safety and sanitary standard products used in all hospitality, food and drink, and any sphere with face to face customer        service.




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Asepsists Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2008
Business type
Jinsan, 32 Tianjiaoyuan, Fuzhou,
Product Category
Safety Clothing
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Company introduction

Asepsists Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a dedicated protective product provider for pharmaceutical,electronic and healthcare industries in China.Backed by the China dominant nonwoven product manufacturer and its alliance, we are one of the very few integrated suppliers in China who run own distribution network oversea,delivering disposable surgeon/isolation gown, disposable surgeon cap,disposable face mask, disposable pillow case /cover, cleanroom jumpsuit/coverall/smock,cleanroom face mask, cleanroom ESD shoe/boot/booty and shoe covers,cleanroom ESD cap,restaurant anti-fog transparent face mask, and all kinds of non-woven products used in hospital,manufacturing,hotel/hospitality,direct from production lines in China. With the huge productive capacity, modern mass-production facilities,rich industry experience,and own international stocks/network in South East Asia and Middle East, enable us to deliver products with unbelievable lower price in higher quality level. We aim to not only expand our business scale and scope but also have a special interest in direct serving the needs of the end consumer that requires protective products with high quality standard with reasonable price.To this end,we present overseas direct wholesaler Alliance, enforcing after-sale-supporting in both South East Asia and Middle East,with an expanding product range to meet the market demand.For international distributors,we can offer fastest deliver time over the market with 50,000 and 500,000 piece/daily volume for gown and face mask respectively.

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