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Hebei Hang-Ao Rubber&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

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Product Information


Production Details:

1. Anti-ozone, anti-aging, anti-weathe

2. Good elasticity

3. Convenient installation

4. Good comprehensive physical mechanical resistance: It shows excellent performance especially the static sealing and dynamic sealing.

5. Good flexibility

6. Smooth surface

7. Competitive price and prompt delivery

8. According to customers design


Function & Usage:

1. Packaging materials. As Transportation protection for Precision Machinery, Medical equipment, Furniture and Glass. As Buffer protection for Small Appliances.

2. Building and construction. As Filling materials for Residential Plate, channels and various Civil Engineering ;Residential doors and windows sealing materials Anti Shrinkage backing strap for concrete.

3. Vehicle and Ship. Sealing materials for doorlockerlamps and various pipelines. Buffer backing strap for engine coverShockproof materials for engine. Buffer and sealing material for instruments.

4. Heat insulation. Sealing materials for coolerair conditioner and refrigerator.

5. Sound insulation and dampproof. Sound insulation sealing materials for various mechanics and residential wall. Dampproof sealing materials for various mechanics and electric appliance.


Production  Category:

Gland Strip for Boxes/Cabinets/Covers

Seal Strip for Doors and Windows

Seal Strip for Box Cars

Rubber Products for Automobiles, Trains

Seal Strip for Vehicle

Soft and Hard Decorative Strip

Injection Molding Products



We hope have the chance to cooperate with you. The products are exported to many countries. We will supply the products with the most competitive price and the best quality.

If you have any questions, please contact with us.


B2B Trade

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Hebei Hang-Ao Rubber&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China /
Business type


Tianyicheng, Xingtai, Hebei
Company introduction

Hebei Hang-Ao Rubber&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd ,a company having the business rights of import and export, and integrating production, processing and foreign trade, is situated in Wangguanzhuang Industrial Park in Qinghe County, where the transportation is well developed. Jingjiu Railway, National Highway 308 and Yinqing Freeway contribute to a communication network leading everywhere, which lays solid foundation provides superior conditions for the development of enterprises.  Despite three manufacturers under our jurisdiction, our company is a private stock company with the sales as a whole. We specialize in making various EPDM seal strip, EPDM sponge(foaming) rubber strip, sponge-steel core compounded seal strip(made up of compact materials, sponge and steel core), combined seal strip(consisting of soft and hard plastic), plastic-rubber-electrostatic-flocking strip, PVC/CPVC/ABS/TPE extrusion compounded strip, TPE seal strip, decorative strip, seal strip for doors and windows made of PVC-U steel and aluminium alloy, shock-absorption seal strip for doors and windows, door-bottom automatic seal strip, rubber strip for panel walls, seal strip for lamps, machinery, cars, trains, subways, ships, containers, refrigerator cars, box cars, cold storage doors, car doors and windows, train doors and windows, and security doors; rubber strip for runner of the car door glass, sponge strip for car doors, waterproof rubber strip, windscreen seal strip, antifoaming rubber strip, conductive strip, insulating cement strip, pressure sensitive adhesive seal strip, door and window frames seal strip in the shape of D, E, J, L, O, P, U and V; general EPDM flexible foaming seal strip, color seal strip, seal strip for electronic appliances, equipment cabinets and cabinet doors, special corner decoration strip, seal strip made of PVC, silica gel, styrene butadiene rubber, neoprene, chemigum and polyurethane; EVA, EPE, SPE, PE, PVC, rubber, polyphony foaming strip (plank); series expansion joints for roads and bridges; rubber tubes with steel wire, textile and cloth in them, high, medium and low pressure resistant rubber tubes, oil resistance chemigum tube, silica gel tube, various EPDM tubes for vehicles, various PVC, rubber products and rubber sealing parts(cushions). We have advanced microwave sulfuration line imported from Italy, over 1000 kinds of seal strip moulds. A production pattern of raw materials mixture, mould developing and products forming has been established. Most of our products are well sold in US, Korea, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy and so on. 

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