Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD)

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    Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD)




    Prefabricated Vertical drain has a very light weight but it delivers a heavy blow to slow-draining soils. PVD can provide a low-cost, practical, and effective means of expediting a speedy consolidation settlement in soft ground improvement.


    │ FUNCTION │


    It consists of a polypropylene core wrapped in a spun-bond polypropylene fabric. These highly durable drains are designed to resist rotting, tearing, clogging, cracking, and chemical degradation. The light-weight drains are approximately 4 inches wide by 1/8-inch thick.

    • Fabric : a strong, tough, permeable nonwoven filter fabric made of 100% polypropylene specifically designed for drainage.. A filter fabric resists mildew, rotting, insects, and dimensionally stable, wet or dry. It has good tear and puncture resistance and does not shrink, grow or unravel.

    • Core : a strong, tough structural member extruded from 100% polypropylene specifically designed for vertical drain systems, providing discharge passages for water flowing to the surface. The core is dimensionally stable when wet, has good puncture and collapse resistance and does not shrink or rot.



    Widely used in warehouses, storage tanks, residential and retail structures, roadways, railways, airport runways, industrial facilities, seaport and marine construction to speed up a consolidation.

    A Cost Effective Ground Improvement Method
    PVD installation is a very cost-effective ground treatment solution to consolidate water-saturated soil and increase soil stability.






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      What  DHTRADING stand for


      DH TRADING is the global partner in supplying a solutionof distribution of quality products made in Korea. We provide a more progressive system with quality productsfor world markets by using reliable networks. As for Civil Engineeing & Construction products, we are harmonized with advanced material application to meet project specifications for transportation, construction,stabilized earth, erosion control, water and waste treatment, shorelineprotection & marine structure in seaports, airports, roads, railway andembankments on civil engineering. 


      We, The World Best company keep going on generating reliable business and performing supply activities with industries and institute based on our know-how & the united partnership with Asian countries, Middle east, EU, America etc. We are now poised to take a giant leap forward, as it positions itself to become a global leader, fully committed to its bold drive to createbetter products and services. We will always do keep our best service mind for customer satisfaction to the hilt.



      We will keep going oncreating more than double economic growth as if we have Double Heart witha Unstoppable Passion. To go a far higher to speed up internationaltrading, the best partnerships based on a Positive Attitude that createa good idea will be fully shared with all over the world.




      1. Civil Engineering Division  -Stabilize civil public works

      SIlt Protector

      PET woven Geotextile & PET Non-woven Geotextile



      Geosynthetics (Geotube Geogrid HDPE etc)


      2. Construction Division - Building & Road construction 

      Road safety products - Guardrail, Noise barrier, Fences, Fasteners.

      Steel structures 

      Aluminium structures 

      Building construction material, Deck plate 


      3. Consumer Goods Division -Speed up to high quality life

      Cosmetics ( Skin Care & Hair Care) 

      Kitchenwares (Cookware, Small Appliance, Tableware, Container, Cutlery, Kitchen Utensil)

      Used tires (PCR, TBR)



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    • Main Product
      • Prefabricated Vertical Drain _PVD_

        Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD)

      • Silt Protector _Silt Curtain_

        Silt Protector (Silt Curtain)

      • PET Non-woven Geotextile

        PET Non-woven Geotextile

      • PET Woven Geotextile

        PET Woven Geotextile

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