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acne, skin care, hair removal & skin rejuvenation, home-use ipl,
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8 Bluewell corporation

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    Product name Home-use IPL, PiOne Certification -
    Category Face Massagers
    Other Shaving & Hair Removal Products
    IPL Beauty Equipment
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    Keyword acne , skin care , hair removal & skin rejuvenation , home-use ipl Unit Size 240.0 * 240.0 * 100.0 mm
    Brand name PiOne Unit Weigh 2 kg
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    Home-use IPL, PiOne 

    (BIPL-PA9000W / PA9000R / PA9000N)  


    - The High Versatility 4-in-1
      (Hair removal, Acne, Wrinkle, Pigmentation)
    - Clinically Proven

    - Cost & Time Savings

    - Ease of use  

    - Elegant Design


    IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) is to emit polychromatic incoherent high-intensity pulsed light of determined wavelength spectrum, fluence and pulse duration for various skin treatments such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkle and also unwanted hair removal. Effectiveness and safety of IPL has been clinically proven for approximately 20 years and the technology is being used in many dermatology clinics around the world. The strongest advantages of IPL is its high versatility and economy. And now, BLUEWELL is to bring this clinically proven technology into your home.




    │ FEATURES │

    1. Performance
      - Multi flash mode
      - High performing energy
      - Long lifespan
      - Low noise design

    2. Safety feature
      - Optimized cartridge for the treatments
      - Skin touch sensor
      - Built-in temperature sensor
      - Fan detector
      - Safety power control
      - RoHS certificated product
      - Pre-set for energy level

    3. Ease of Use
      - Lighter & Slimmer handpiece
      - Handpiece & cable storage space
      - AUTO mode
      - MUTE mode
      - LCD display & Mirror

    4. Elegant Design
      - iF 2014 award










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      8 Bluewell corporation

      • Country

        South Korea South Korea
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        Lee Duck Soo

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        162(Woori Tower 3Fl), LS-ro Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 435-824, Korea

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        IPL Beauty Equipment

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      • Company introduction

        It’s my pleasure to take an opportunity of introducing our company, BLUEWELL Corporation, to you.

        BLUEWELL, as start-up company, was founded about 2 years ago and its H.Q. & factory are located in Korea and basically, what we do is to develop and manufacture home-use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) product. IPL technology, as you may be aware, has long been demonstrated and evaluated from dermatology clinic level for more than 20 years and it has been proven to be significantly effective for various skin treatments such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkle as well as unwanted hair removal. And we bring this clinically proven technology into home as it provides great value proposition to consumer. From consumer’s purpose of use standpoint, home-use IPL product could be categorized as one of beauty devices. BLUEWELL’s product was developed as high-end, premium model with differentiated features vs. other brands and it has been certified by Ministry of FOOD and DRUG SAFETY, Korea and also, it’s being under clinical trial with Seoul National University Hospital. For more details of our company, product and technology, please visit our homepage www.bluewellcorp.com.

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