Devil Diet Aqua Premium7

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Devil Diet Aqua Premium 7
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9 Pharmsville Co.,ltd.

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    Devil diet  
    Weight Control Program of Pharmsville
    Devil diet and Appletree Diet are specialized weight-control brands of Pharmsville.
    When we are on a diet, it is easy to be deficient in essential nutrients, Also it is easy to give up half way due to its difficulty. We are constantly developing safe, convenient and delicious diet foods as modern people’s needs.


    Devil Diet Aqua Premium 7 ( lemon , grapefruit flavor)
    - Dosage form: powder
    - Package: 98g ( 7g * 14 pouches – individual package)
    -Method of intake ( lemon, grapefruit flavor)
     a. put one pouch of devil diet Aqua premium 7 into 300ml~500ml of water
     b. After stirring well, it will be changed lemon or grapefruit soda
     c. it is better drink it before having meal.
     a. HCA 1,400mg of Garcinia cambohia +Dietary Fiber 2500mg is contained in one pouch
     b. Anti-Oxidation +Vitamin B group, L-carnitine, Water soluble Vitamin B,C are contained
     c. Being Caffeine-less, intake is available regardless of time.
    - Effective of Garcinia Cambogia and 6 functional product
    - Safe Vegetable ingredients Garcinia Cambogia Diet




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    9 Pharmsville Co.,ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee byung wook

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      Seongsu-dong 2ga,300-4,Yeongdongtechno-Tower,#1006, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Beauty & Personal Care

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      Pharmsville Co.,ltd. As the interest in health functional foods increases more and more,manufacturers promote related products in the market. However, several problems exist. First of all, low quality products with a high quality package is not what customers are looking for. Secondly, some of high quality products are displayed in the market, but due to a lack of the marketing customers are not aware of them. Thirdly, due to communication problems, features of the products are delivered to customers in the wrong way. We, at Pharmsville, realized these problems in the market, then focused on the following improvements. Firstly, we deal only with the best products in the quality verified by internal and external tests including an inspection by the Korea Food Drug Association. Secondly, we develop products from the point of view of the customer so only the essential products are traded. We will keep making efforts to increase the quality of life. 1. Business a. Business Scope: R&D, Whole Sales, Retail Sales, Export, Import b. Sales channel: Department, Whole sale agent, Online shop 2. Certified and Awarded a. KOTRA Global Brand b. The Excellent Company of Seoul c. GMP 3. History 2000: Company Established 2001: Contracted Joint Research with Seoul University Hospital 2004: Opened Online Shopping Mall “Apple Tree”, which becomes the biggest one in Korea 2008: Launched “Apple Tree Natural” Brand 2009: Launched “Vitamin Story” Brand 2012: Selected as “Excellent Brand of Seoul” and “Kotra Global Brand”

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        Devil Diet Aqua Premium7

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