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Main products Bone conduction headphone
Bone Conduction headphone

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Bone conduction headset

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As the number of people listening to music through MP3 players, Smartphones, and multimedia devices increases, so too has the number of people complaining of hearing loss and ear pain. This is because of excessive use of headphones, which aggravate the ear drum.

We are displaying its ground-breaking "bone conduction" headphones. Sound is transmitted through vibrations of the bone, and damage to the tympanum is avoided as the sound is sent directly to the cochlea. Because the bone-conduction method prevents tympanum damage and stress to the ears, those with pre-existing damage to their ears can enjoy using the headphones free of impairment.

This product of human body engineering can be enjoyed for many hours without causing harm or lessening hearing capability. Additionally, because the bone conduction headphone system doesn't blo