Bone conduction headphone

Bone conduction headphone

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Enosis Co.,Ltd
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South Korea South Korea / 2010
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Bone conduction headset

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As the number of people listening to music through MP3 players, Smartphones, and multimedia devices increases, so too has the number of people complaining of hearing loss and ear pain. This is because of excessive use of headphones, which aggravate the ear drum.

We are displaying its ground-breaking "bone conduction" headphones. Sound is transmitted through vibrations of the bone, and damage to the tympanum is avoided as the sound is sent directly to the cochlea. Because the bone-conduction method prevents tympanum damage and stress to the ears, those with pre-existing damage to their ears can enjoy using the headphones free of impairment.

This product of human body engineering can be enjoyed for many hours without causing harm or lessening hearing capability. Additionally, because the bone conduction headphone system doesn't block use of the ears, users can enjoy knowing that they can still pick up surrounding sounds in moments of danger or urgency.

We have a wealth of experience in the field of information and telecommunications and have amassed a vast store of technology. It places great stress on a long-term vision to develop the bone conduction system for use in a variety of information and telecommunications products. It is manufacturing portable headphones, headsets, and earphones inspired by bone conduction technology and has plans to produce a hearing aid based on it soon.

We have showed Headphone/ Headset/ Earset of bone conduction at CES 2012(Consumer Electronics Show 2012) held in Las Vegas, US from Jan 10 to 13.
Bone conduction technology means technology that delivers sound through vibration of bone not through tympanic membrane. Peoples who have conduction deafness can perceive sound with Bone Conduction Headphone, and people who has healthy ear can enjoy the music while hearing surrounding sound. Bone Conduction Headphone delivers sound to nerve through Bone not through eardrum.
Also, it prevents the damage of eardrum and reduces the stress of the ear.

We introduced two kinds of Bone Conduction products, Waterproof Bone Conduction headphone 'Beat Bone (HUH-701)'and normal Bone Conduction headphone 'Vibrato(HUH-01).Waterproof Bone Conduction headphone 'Beat Bone( HUH-701)' obtained IPX7 waterproof certification in Japan , so it's suitable for water activities, and in case of normal Bone Conduction headphone 'Vibrato(HUH-01),', it has a weak waterproof function but it strengthened sound output.

Presently we focus on the business for the following 2 items since it will be useful editorimgfor the user who wants to feel a good sound through Bone conduction headset.


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2010
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Lee Ki Jae
62, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Other Mobile Phones & Accessories,Other Telecommunications Equipment
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We, Enosis Co.,Ltd in Korea, are a professional manufacturer 
for sound reproducing system (hand-free, headset, hearing aid).
Our technical feature on the products is that we use second vibration technology 
and we call it, BONE CONDUCTION or Osteoconduction.
Bone conduction products are satisfied & transmitted for client’s quality & vision
and their health & conversion. 
Specially, in order to prompt a Globalization, Enosis try hard to do continuous 
research and development keeping a good quality.
Even if our company is a small size enterprise with patents, the superiority 
on our technology is proven by the clients.
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Austria Austria

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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Japan Japan

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