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    Hansung fire stove - HS - G60

    │ Description │

    HANSUNG FIRE STOVES that have pursued a meeting between emotion and technology.

     │ Feature │

    01 Heat-resistant design – It is strong because it is made of 3.2mm Posco genuine steel (Made in Korea).
    The coating does not fade easily because heat-resistant paint was used.

    02 Fuel saving to reduce the maintenance cost
    - The fire can be controlled with a three stage air conditioning damper so that the fuel can be saved.

    03 Various practicabilities
    - You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as sweet potatoes and potatoes roasted with a cooking oven.
    It is convenient to dispose ashes because of grill type internal structure of the stove and ashes can be cleaned
    separately because of its dual structure. The air adjustment stopper can supply the oxygen needed
    for combustion directly to the firebox so that soot does not occur on the ceramic glass.

    04 Reliable safeties
    – The external wire mesh is attached outside the stove in order to prevent children from
    directly touching the body of stove. It is finished with a special material to prevent smoke leakage.

    │ Specification │

    Size – 450*450*745
    Input gate – 235*180

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    8 Hansungsteel.co.ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee Jong sun

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      13, Singandong-gil, Byeollyang-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeolla nam-do, korea 540-873

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      The business experience and know-how that Hansung Steel has acquired taking over a family business and following a single path for the past 40 years is our pride, despite its weak growth in outward volume. 

      The entrepreneurial spirit of honesty and mutual benefits, which has been the motto of the business since the previous generation, is also the asset that Hansung Steel should pursue in the future. Our contractors and customers with whom we have worked even in a fluid, rapidly-changing industrial environment are a prop having led us to overcome several crises of maintenance or abolition and be prominent after struggling for survival and recovery.  

      In the future, we would like to commit ourselves to silently developing new products and promoting the efficiency of manufacturing process, and contribute to the activation of local economy through employment of excellent local talent in the spirit that satisfies customer needs diversified with each passing day and sticks to our lot in a new concept of construction culture, and that slow and steady wins the race.  

      Further, we will become a company to spare no efforts to showconcern for the underprivileged, find and cultivate local talent, and succeed to the wishes of the predecessor as a genuine master, not as a short-sighted merchant only to seek profits and product goods


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