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donghwa&dongjin Co.,Ltd
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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name PVC decorative film Certification -
    Category Other Furniture
    Plastic Product Making Machinery
    Plastic & Rubber Machinery Parts
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    Keyword deco film , pvc , decorate film , pvc film Unit Size 1250.0 * 1.0 * 1.0 mm
    Brand name donghwa&dongjin Co.,Ltd Unit Weigh 1 kg
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    Supply type - HS code 3920
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    Overlay Film

    Over-Lay processing, furniture inside and side panel Processed by over-lay M/C V-cutting M/C Maintenance of elegant natural wood design ·Sustainability of gloss and emboss effect ·Excellent secondary work-ability (consecutive work possible) 



    Wrapping Film

    Door, Doorframe, Base channel and Molding Processed by wrapping MC ·Maintenance of elegant natural wood design ·Excellent wrapping work-ability and weather resistance  



    Membrane Film

    Material for front as sink door and wardrobe door Processed by membrane M/C ·Maintenance of elegant natural wood design ·Excellent work-ability(curved forming) ·Fine print effect and superior adhesive 


    Edge Band Film

    Edge Finishing Processed by Edge bander M/C ·Excellent secondary work-ability (Slitting, Edge banding) Excellent adhesive property by the specially processed sheet back


    D&D will make your business different

    01. Meets consumers       diversified tastes D&D’s Decoration film, with artistic sense and various design, makes a unique and natural space. it can satisfy consumers’ diversified tastes and esthetic demands by making unique interiors possible.
    02. A wider selection of design We are providing products not only of high quality but also of various design, which cover many styles, patterns and colors our clients want. With these various design and surface treatments, consumers can create ‘living space’ according to preference.

    03. Excellent work-ability D&D Decoration film is known for it’s durability, high impact resistance and fouling resistance. Our products will  make your work easy and speedy. They can be applied to anywhere regardless of the size of space, the shape of the surface whether it is flat or curved.
    04. Environmentally      friendly product Our Products are innocuous to humans because they are made out of environmentally friendly materials and they are under strict quality control. Furthermore, the products are easy to clean.
    05. Flame-resistant  The decorative PVC film is characterized by great resistance against damp and corrosion caused by substances with weak alkalinity and acidity. Completed with flame retardant treatment, it is non-flammable and can prevent smoke generation which, in conclusion, makes itself safe from fire.

    Decorative Floor Tile by Dongjin Ltd

    As an experienced PVC decorative material manufacturer and supplier in Korea, Dongwha Ltd established its subsidiary Dongjin Ltd in 2011.
     Nowadays floor tiles are becoming more and more popular in houses, offices, apartments, restaurants, and other commercial. Dongjin Ltd’s  floor tiles , enjoy a good reputation because these are durable, resilient, and as eco friendly as they are beautiful.
     And, if it's a custom color or product you're looking for, we'll work with you to provide a unique solution.




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      South Korea South Korea
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      28,2895gil,pocheon-ro,changsu-myeon pocheon-si,gyeonggi-do,south korea

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      PVC,Flooring & Accessories

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      Upgrade your business


      with our experienced and approved


      quality products


      DONGMYENG is Korean manufacturers of


      decorative materials for flooring and interior. specializes in producing various kinds of decorative PVC tile applicable to flooring & interior of the house and building while


      Donjin Ltd. established in April 1980 is a specialist in manufacturing floor tile and


      waterproof roof sheet.


      Owing to various products and high quality, we have enjoyed such a good reputation


      in Korean business that we have some of Korean leading construction & construction-

      materials companies as regular clients including KCC(Hyundai Group), LH(Korea Land


      and Housing Corporation) etc.


      Furthermore, we have comparative advantage in price and offer quick delivery service


      on the basis of a unique small quantity batch production system.


      These strengths began to bring us overseas markets like China & ASEAN countries.


      hope to share mutual growth with customers. We hope you upgrade your business and


      open a new opportunity in the field of decorative PVC Floor tile with us.


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      • China China
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • Cambodia Cambodia
      • Laos Laos
      • Myanmar Myanmar
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Singapore Singapore
      • Thailand Thailand
    • Main Product
      • PVC decorative film

        PVC decorative film

      • pvc floor covering tile

        pvc floor covering tile

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