CUON Toothbrush Sterilizer

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toothbrush, toothbrush sanitizer, toothbrush sterilizer, social enterprise,
Oral Hygiene , Toothbrush Sanitizer

8 Cheonwoo Good Friends Co.,Ltd.

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    Product name CUON Toothbrush Sterilizer Certification -
    Category Oral Hygiene
    Toothbrush Sanitizer
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    Keyword toothbrush , toothbrush sanitizer , toothbrush sterilizer , social enterprise Unit Size 86.0 * 64.0 * 225.0 mm
    Brand name CUON Unit Weigh 345 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 3924909000
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    CUON Toothbrush Sterilizer

    │ Description │

    Boiling, sterilizing with salt water, baking powder, sunlight dehydration and etc.
    Make it easy for your hygienic sterilizing method. Now experience the simple and perfect sterilizing way with CUON.

    The advanced heating effect with perfect dehydration

    CUON TOOTHBRUSH STERILIZER delivers 99.9% Perfect sterilization.

    │ Type │

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    Mint Pink

    │ Specification │

    * Rated Voltage : 220V~60Hz, 6W
    * Size : Body (W x L x H) - 86.7 x 64 x 225 mm (3.41 x 2.51 x 8.85 inch)
        Mount (D x H) - Ø 131 x 77 mm (5.15 x 3.03 inch)
    * Weight : 345g (excl. mount)
    * Material : ABS, Aluminium
    * Parts : Stand support, manual, toothbrush holder, shaver holder, wall mount panel
    * Sterilizing temperature : 85°C
    * Safety certificate registration number for electrical product : SD07242-14001

    │ How to use │

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    1. Peel off the 3M sticker from the panel.

    The 3M adhesive sticker is very strong and therefore ensure to check the surface and direction before install.
    2. Place firmly onto the wall. 3. Install the sterilizer to clip onto the panel. 4. Ensure to check the sterilizer attaching firmly.


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    8 Cheonwoo Good Friends Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Woo JaeGeum

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      4-2, Yonghyeon 1(il).4-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Toothbrush Sanitizer,Other Bathroom,Table Decoration & Accessories

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      Greeting from “Cheonwoo Good Friends” 


      Our company has been established with its name “Cheonwoo” which has a meaning of “well in the heaven” with full of ideas for innovative product development, and its logo which symbolizes a humble beginning for prosperous future.


      We produce kitchen and bathroom appliances to improve quality and convenience of life, and always try the best efforts to develop the highest quality of product that can meet customers’ needs in their daily life.


      In addition, Cheonwoo Good Friends Co., Ltd. is a social enterprise that applies strategies to maximize improvements in human well-being, rather than maximizing profits. We give importance to create social value such as offering the job for the vulnerable social group including the vulnerable social group.


      We are doing our best so as to go forward to the world as customer-intimate and future-oriented company.


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