[DX230H] Ground Source Heat Pump Controller (water source, waste heat, seawater source)

[DX230H] Ground Source Heat Pump Controller (water source, waste heat, seawater source)

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DOTECH, inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
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Product Information


[DX230H]Ground Source Heat Pump Controller (water source, waste heat, seawater source)


- 1 cycle, 1-2 cycle control
- The Best algorithm for heat pump system
- Temperature control(inlet/outlet, discharge gas, and etc.)
- 4-way valve control
- Sequential and rotation operation for 2-cycles
- Trip data log(up to 160 events)
- Temperature transmission
- PC monitoring system via RS485(MODBUS protocol)






High Performance RISC Micom
A high performance RISC micom integrates operations and controls digitally and precisely. It handles the instructions really fast and reduces the risks with high sample rates.

Large Display and Easy-To-Use User Interface
A 5" LCD of 240X128 resolution supports the multilingual(English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language) texts and images for users. Any operators can select all the menus by following the steps on the screen.
It is as easy as your fingertips.

Operation Status Display
DX230H displays the operation status of a compressor and waiting time.

Compact Size, Simple Operation, and Intelligent Multifunctions for Screw Compressors
Integrating modules of control and display makes it possible to be compact and reliable. It can be installed almost everywhere, even at small spaces, and applied to various screw compressors. With the real-time information on the screen and simple operation as well as intelligent multifunctions, operators can handle the situations without problem and save the time, money, and efforts for maintenance.

Trip Data Log
DX230H records the important data such as trip is recorded and traces up to 160 events. It provides the useful information for analysis and troubleshooting including history while tripped.

Noise-Free Solutions
Digital I/O signals are completely insulated to block the signals from outside affecting the mainboard. There are safety functions in CPU. Brownout monitors the control power in real time and watchdog checks the status continuously(every 32msec) and makes it recover from CPU down by noise automatically.

RS485 port, MODBUS RTU stnadard protocol, MMI software, and automatic interface are supported.


   ■ Technical Specifications






230(W) x 150(H) x 45(D) 


204(W) x 90(H), Mount Hole Ø5 x 4EA


AC24V, 50/60Hz or DC24V Max. 20VA

※Power Trans(24069001) - Optional



Opto-Isolation 10EA(5X2 common), AC24V or DC24V


Relay Contact, 12EA(4X3 common), 250V 10A



NTC 3EA, 0~1Vdc, 4~20mA 2EA



3Ch Analog Output




RS485(Half-Duplex Type)

2 Channels(MODBUS RTU)

Screen & Touch

5" LCD (240 X 128) / LED Backlit/ Membrane Keypad


Temperature -10~60℃  / Humidity 5~95%RH


Temperature -30~80℃  / Humidity 5~95%RH


■ Accessories






Power Trans


AC220V to AC24V, 30VA








※ Minimum Hardware System Requirements for Operation




Qty (EA)

Controller & Accessories









Heat Pump Controller)

Discharge Gas




Temperature Sensor

Scroll Compressor)

Temperature Sensor for




Evaporator (Head Type)


Temperature Sensor Well


TC WELL 8@*80L*1/2*1/2




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DOTECH, inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
Business type


CHOI, Deuknam
6F 602, joongangilbo BD, 778, Wonsi-dong, Danwon-gu,, Ansan-siGyeonggi-do,
Product Category
Electrical Equipment,Sensors
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

[Company Introduction]

Dotech inc. has developed and produced the controllers and temperature, humidity, differential, and CO2 sensor of industrial machinery and devices such as freezers, refrigerators, constant temperature/humidity equipment, ventilation systems, air compressors, booster pumps, and heat pumps, etc.

Since the establishment of the company in 2001, the company provided the self-development and production foundation of industrial constant temperature/humidity equipment and the product group of temperature/humidity controllers (HTX Series) for dehumidification of large ships; the company has supplied optimized various products and solutions in order to improve and maintain the qualities in various areas based on its unique technologies and accumulated experiences in environmental measurement, and control areas for R&D and production process control of LCD, KGMP of pharmaceutical products, automobile components, and foods.

Based on a series of technical power that has been cultivated by the company in the domestic environmental measurement that had not been developed but depended on foreign technologies, the company extended its view to the limitless world markets and continues promotional activities (participation in overseas exhibitions and establishment of overseas subsidiaries, etc.) in order to provide the bridgeheads to the markets of Chinese territory, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America all the employees do their best to make the company be positioned as a leader of domestic market that will be the foundation for aforesaid overseas marketing,

The company intends to lead the 21st Century that is called the times of environment based its core technologies and its best quality in order to satisfy not only customers but also customers' customers.


[Main Products]

1. HVAC&R Controller

Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Refrigeration related equipment controller

2. Multi-function Digital Controller

Digital controller for Temp, Humidity, Pressure & Showcase, etc.

3. Air Compressor Controller

Industrial Air Compressor controller

4. Clean Room Configure Equipment Controller

Controller & Sensor for clean room configure equipment

5. Sensor & Transmitter

Sensors & transmitters for Temp, Humidity, Due-point, Pressure, Particle, etc.


[Company History]

2014 6 Become elected Promising Exports SME in Gyeonggi-do(2014~2016)

2014 6 Launched HTX23C series, Communication-type Temp/Humidity Sensor


2013 8 Launched SMART CELLAR series, Low Temp/Refrigeration/Frozen Cellar Controller

2013 7 Launched VSD+ series, Air Compressor Energy Saving Device

2013 6 Approved for extended Venture Enterprise

2013 6 Launched  FX3D-DUAL, Digital Multiple Control Controller

2013 5 Launched FX3D-SYNC, Digital Temp Synchronization Controller

2013 4 Launched DEFSAVER2, Electronic Defrost Controller

2013 2 Launched PSU520, Particle Sensor


2012 8 Launched DPX100, Digital Pressure Multi Switch

2012 5 Launched FX32J1/2/3, Showcase & Coldroom Controller

2012 5 Launched DPX200, Digital Pressure Multi Switch

2012 5 Become elected Specialized Parts & Materials Enterprise

2012 4 Become elected E-Trade Frontier Enterprise in Gyeonggi-do

2012 4 Launched EVD7, Electronic Expansion Valve Pulse Converter

2012 3 Launched BX1600, Air Source Heat Pump Controller

2012 3 Launched LFC2200, FFU Controller

2012 2 Launched CX9230, Smart Chiller Controller

2012 1 Launched DX500, Compressor and Unit Cooler of Cellar

2012 1 Launched DynaviewSMS GX500, Real-time SMS Event Transmitter


2011 10 Marathon participants to celebrate 12 anniversary of the founding

2011 8 Become elected Promising SME in Gyeonggi-do

2011 7 Launched DP100, Differential Pressure Transmitter

2011 7 Launched EVC20, Electronic Expansion Valve Controller

2011 6 Launched FX3SE, Compact Digital Thermostat

2011 6 Become elected Promising Exports SME in Gyeonggi-do(2011~2014)2010 12 Obtained ISO14001:2004 certification


2010 7 Launched 2nd generation FX32S, a showcase controller

2010 6 Launched EX3000 Series, a multifunctional refrigerator controller

2010 5 Launched BX1500 Series, an economical and displayer-separation type air heating source heat pump controller

2010 4 Launched EVC10, an electronic expansion valve controller2009  Launched CX9330A, an economical air compressor controller


2009 8 Being selected as a Gyeonggi’s Small and Medium Frontier Enterprise

2009 4 Launched TX3H Series, a temperature controller for heating

2009 9 Revised ISO9001:2008

2009  Launched HMX350, a transmitter for multi-measurement of temperature, humidity, oil, and moisture

2009  Launched HTX99R, a transmitter for high-temperature and high-humidity2008  Being designated as a 2008 Gyeonggi\'s Hopeful Small and Medium Export Enterprise (for two years)


2008  Being approved as a venture enterprise

2008  Obtained INNOBIZ certification

2008  Extended apartment house type factories #401, #402, and #403 in the Banwol Hitech Village in 768-5, Wonsi-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan

2008  Being selected for Industrial Cluster Project

2008  Joined The Korea International Trade Association

2008  Increased the capital to 100 million KRW

2008  Obtained CE certification2007  Obtained ISO9001 certification


2007  Worked for the constant temperature/humidity control system in the computer room of LG CNS Sangam-dong Building

2007  Worked for the clean room control systems of Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Kirin

2007  Worked for low-temperature refrigeration warehouse control systems for Shinsegae Food, Naju Chukhyup Market, Seosan Nonghyup Market, and HomeEver (Suwon)

2007  Launched FX32A, an economical industrial air compressor controller

2007  Launched DX330 Series, an industrial air compressor controller

2007  Launched FX Series, an intelligent digital controller


2006  Worked for the clean room control system in the Hynix China Wuxi Factory2005  Launched DX Series, an intelligent control system


2005  Worked for the clean room control system of KEC2001  Launched HTX Series, a Humitron temperature/humidity transmitter


2001  Worked for the clean room control system of Samsung Electronics

2001  Performed a Small and Medium Technical Innovation Task (the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

2001  Being selected as a new-technology business company (the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

2001  Established DOTECH, Inc.


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