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13 Winghouse Inc.

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    Winghouse Co. Ltd. has been creating the change of new paradigm in children’s fashion industry in Korea.
    Winghouse has been leading the children accessories market in and out of Korea while designing, manufacturing, and distributing them professionally, and is striving to demonstrate different aspects with top quality and unique design at children’s eye level.

    Such efforts are based on the business spirit that Winghouse pursues.
    Based on products with good quality, reasonable pricing and unique designs, we continuously present outstanding quality, value and service to our customers in company shops, wholesale and retail stores around the country, and in international markets including China, and are recognized for our professionalism in children accessories.
    Winghouse has commercialized global characters such as Disney, Paul Frank, and Smiley through licenses.



    Winghouse uses nontoxic fabrics and materials, so our products can be safely used on children.

    Product Description

    Item No. MA0161
    Color: Blue/Beige
    Fabric: Cotton 100%
    Size: 20cm(W)*28cm(H)*12cm(D)
    Weight: 260g
    Recommendation age: 3~6 age
    Name: Roraailey Creame Backpack 



    The buckles in the front prevent the shoulder straps from slipping. 
    It has a sweat absorbing mesh back and a buckle preventing it from slipping down.
    It also has enough storage space and the inner pockets with a zipper.



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    Momoailery korea Shop
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    13 Winghouse Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      7F, Danam Tower, 120, Namdaemunno 5Ga, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Backpacks,Purses,Printed Fabric

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    • Company introduction

      Winghouse Inc. is a production and distribution company founded on Mar. 1, 1996, with the main items being children's hair accessories, bags, and seasonal merchandise. Winghouse Inc. has obtained own brand, MOMOAILEY,FLYBOT, WINGHOUSE, WINGPRINCESS, RAPACLUB etc., to produce and distribute bags of various characters. The advantage of Winghouse Inc. lies in its own production plant, where products can be developed quickly through its experience and know-how, not to mention the reasonable distribution prices even for high quality goods.

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