[STENLOCK] Stainless steel food container

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    Other Tableware
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    Stenlock is airtight-container made of 18-8 highest quality stainless-steel,

    Stenlock is not only resists bacteria and germs more effectively

    but also contained non of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC)

    not like wood or plastic container so worry free for you or your precious Family.


    - BPA free

    - Eco-friendly

    - HS/ ISO 14001-2004


    - Do not drop it from height it might cause bent.

    - Keep distance from the fire.

    - Do not put lid in broil water.

    - Do not use sharp tool when you are removing silicon packing to clean.



    Model : Stenlock Water Bottle

    Material : Stainless steel 18-8 / Lid - P.P

    Color : Color coated available (Enamel locker paint)

    Made in Korea


    Product Category : stainless steel water bottle

    Material : Stainless steel 18-8

    Usage : water bottle (for restaurants, home, cafe)

    Supply Ability : 10,000pcs / day

    MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) : 1 carton box / each item (8~20pcs)



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      South Korea South Korea
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      354-7, Yulsaeng-ri, Dagot-myeon.Gimpo-si, Gungkido,Korea

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      Home & Kitchen,Sport, Gifts & Toys

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      Since its establishment in 1981, CNT KOREA.CO.LTD., has been stainless steel table-wares manufacturer and exporter of food storage containers which own brand name is STENLOCK about new concept of environmental goods from South Korea. For the last 34years our primary objective has been the ultimate satisfaction of the customers in the world. Also, CNT KOREA .CO.LTD is doing its best to be a world's leading company in the field of airtight containers with diversification of product ranges and development of high-class products.

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      • South Korea South Korea
    • Main Product
      • Child bowl with Charecters

        Child bowl with Charecters

      • -STENLOCK- Stainless steel food container

        [STENLOCK] Stainless steel food container

      • -STENLOCK- Stainless steel food container

        [STENLOCK] Stainless steel food container

      • -STENLOCK- Stainless steel food container

        [STENLOCK] Stainless steel food container

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