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    Product name LCD Chart Certification -
    Category Medical Devices Ingredients -
    Keyword lcd , lcd chart , glc-1 Unit Size 65.0 * 25.0 * 50.0 cm
    Brand name GLC-1 Unit Weigh 10 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 901850
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    LCD Chart Projector


    LCD Chart Projector is best system for professionals. It is slim, wide and stylish design with HD 23.6”. It also provides various optometry chart and video, image by low power and eco-friendly product. Please enjoy the sound with high quality 2W built-in speaker!  



    │ FEATURES │

    • High performance Quad Core CPU and optimized Android OS
      - High speed and fast response for chart conversion induce patients to be stable psychologically and provide fastest and most accurate optometry environment

    • HD 23.6" LCD chart
      - 23.6" polarized panel and LED backlight provide brighter and clearer chart images, and uniform and light background provide more accurate optometry environment

    • Various optometry chart
      - Various charts like Stereoscopic vision test, binocular balance test and heterophoria test provide wide optometry environment

    • Various auxiliary function and optimized user interface
      - Users can change and use the optimized user interface like inspection distance, index unit, red-green adjustment or stereoscopic in accordance with visual measurement environment

    • Video and image support
      - Advertisement, educational videos and images saved at USB memory stick are available

    • High quality 2W built-in speaker
      - Enjoy the sound with high quality built-in speaker

    • Low power and eco-friendly product
      - Low power is consumed and longer lifer is provided

    • Slim, wide and stylish design
      - Full HD 1920x1080, high resolution and wide display with slim and stylish design enhance the dignity of optometry room

    • Convenient connection to digital refractor
      Using the control panel of refractor via communication linkage, fast and convenient optometry is possible

    Provide Various optometry charts
    Basic optometry chart (English, Number, Snellen E, Landolt C, Children) which is to measure vision function is displayed randomly whenever user pushed button

    Since it is possible to set the mask (Width, Length, Dot) to be displayed at in the middle, optometry error by remembering the location of the chart is prevented in advance

    Provide various auxiliary charts
    Various types of auxiliary charts are provided to cope with all measurement using special lens like polarized light, red/green or cross cylinder
    editorimg Color weakness test
    Various charts for color weakness test provide precise criteria to check color blindness
    Contrast test
    Test to inspect level of contrast using basic optometry chart is provided
    editorimg Stereoscopic vision test
    Various chart for stereoscopic vision test provide criteria to check abnormality of stereoscopic vision
     editorimg Amsler grid test
    It is possible to check abnormality of visual function by macular degeneration with Amsler grid chart
    Vergence test
    It measures convergence and divergence via vergence improvement effectiveness of visual function by eye movement can be expected
    LED light to gaze the target
    It supports LED light which is to be usable for Maddox rod test to provide more convenient optometry environment
    Easy to set the test distance (1.5~7m), unit (1.0/100), Mirror mode, red/green adjustment, video/image and others




    Panel type 23.6 inch LED Panel / Polarization Panel
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Power supply Input : AC 100 ~ 240 V / Output : DC 12V, 3.33A
    Power consumption 25VA
    Main body size 568mm (W) x 355mm (H) x 37mm (D)
    Remote controller size 195mm (W) x 64mm (H) x 20mm (D)
    External terminal RS-232, USB
    Test distance 1.5m ~ 7m (0.25m step)
    Mount Type Wall mount (VESA) Type
    Accessories Remote controller, Adapter, Power cable, Wall mount
    Options Desk stand, Floor stand, Red-Green glasses, Polarized glasses
    Charts Alphabet, Number, Snellen E, Landolt C, Children
    Red/Green, Stereoscopic, Binocular Balance, Aniseikonia, Fusion and supression, Heterophoria, etc.
    Mask/filter Width, Length, Dot / Red-Green, Polarization

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    9 GERIX Inc

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Dong Youl

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      2nd floor, 117, donggucheong-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      Other Optical Instruments

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      Our company has more than 10 year experience in this industry, and we have the CE certification, US FDA certification and ISO13485, so you can trust the quality.
      We have been manufacturing and managing the export of ophthalmic equipment like Auto Ref/keratometer, Chart projector (LED bulb) and LCD Chart projector.

      In order to meeting a new product, I live and breathe development with our employees today.
      Also, I will repay your attention and love for us with best-quality goods and service. Please always see Gerix with a warm eye. And we ask you your invariable encouragement and attention.
      We, our Gerix, will do our best for customer’s request.
      Thank you.


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      • GERIX Inc
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      • Auto Ref-Keratometer

        Auto Ref/Keratometer

      • LCD Chart Projector

        LCD Chart

      • Chart Projector

        Chart Projector

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