$6.98 refurbished Nokia Motorola phone 6100

$6.98 refurbished Nokia Motorola phone 6100

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refurbished nokia motorola phone,
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China China / 1998
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Product Information


Basic parameters

Model 6100

Time to market in December 2002

GSM mobile phone standard

Mobile band GSM900/1800/1900

Nokia 6100

Mobile shape monoblock

The main screen material is unknown

The main screen color color screen, 4096 colors

The main screen parameters 128 × 128 pixels

Memory Capacity 725KB

Standard lithium battery (BL-4C), charger, headset

Talk time up to 2.5-6 hours

Standby time up to 150-250 hours

Available colors: purplish blue , silver blue , alluvial gold

Size 102 × 42 × 17.2mm/63cm3

Weight 77g

Volume : 57cm3

Basic functions

4 polyphonic ringtones

Contacts 300 × 5 items a person can have five records : phone , email, web pages, e-mail address , text notes

Information Function SMS messaging , EMS SMS , MMS messaging , Short Message , body support 150 SMS storage

E-mail transceivers support E-mail

T9 input method Chinese input method , T9 English input method

Games built-in games

Nokia 6100 integrates electronic wallet electronic wallet application that enables users to carry through WAP convenient and reliable online transactions. Through the security module - Wireless Identity Module (WIM), users can digitize sign their transactions . The phone also supports wireless public core facilities (WPKI)

Main features

Additional features alarm clock , calendar , calculator , notepad , currency converter, stopwatch , the automatic keylock

None electronic dictionary electronic dictionary function

Data applications

Bluetooth No Bluetooth

Infrared support infrared

Network standard : GSM 900/1800/1900

Data services GPRS


WAP Internet support wap

Data lines support data cable , Pop-Port data cable jack

No expansion card expansion card function

WiFi (WLAN) no WiFi capabilities

GPS positioning system with GPS positioning system

Other data capabilities

Built-in Modem, USSD function


Camera can be external camera

Shoot camera has two functional description : HS-1C Camera Headset , 300,000 pixels, must pop-port interfaces connect the phone to use , no storage space itself ; PT-3 Entertainment camera , also 30 megapixel with flash and 8MB of memory, can be used alone , with two AAA batteries , via pop-port interface to transfer photos to your phone

Multimedia entertainment

Multimedia External Radio

MP3 player No MP3 playback

No video playback video player

Other performance electronic wallet


B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
China China / 1998
Business type


6018Room 6th Floor, Xing Zhong Bao Businessmansion, 80-88Fuyongavenue,Fuyongtown, Bao an District, Shenzhen
Product Category
Pet Products
Year Established
Company introduction


TENDTRONIC CORPORATIOAN LIMITED deals mainly in the supply of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB,FPC), Single-Sided PCB,PTH Double-Sided PCB,NPTH Double-Sided PCB,Flexible PCB(FPC),Multilayer PCB(1~20 Layers)for worldwide customers. with more than ten years of specialized experience and excellent engineering Team,  Responsive to customer needs for speed to market, and offers fast and accurate solutions for Quick Turn Around (QTA) needs. 

Our QTA service is combined with cost reduction and DFM (design for manufacturability), we can provide faster than normal response in prototype and production quantities. 

Prototype through to volume manufacture is all made via the same state-of-the-art tooling, manufacturing and test facilities. There is a single tooling charge. No additional tooling charges are made to customers when the product goes to volume. 

Various levels of service and volume apply depending on specific needs:
  Single-Sided and Double-Sided: 1-3 Day QTA sample. 
  Multilayer PCB(4~6 layers): 4~6 Day QTA sample.
  Multilayer PCB(8~12 layers): 7~8 Day QTA sample.
  10~15 Day Mass production first lot.

Packing and Shipping Departments ensure that the product is accurately shipped to the customer by the most efficient route using purpose designed packing protection in accordance with the customer's request such as FOB CIF & DDU. 

PCB Material Highlights: FR4, CEM1, CEM3, FR2, FR1, XPC,IMS,FR-5, High Tg, Aluminium ,Green Material 

PCB Production Highlights: 
Single-Sided PCBPTH Double-Sided PCBNPTH Double-Sided PCBFlexible PCB (FPC)Multilayer PCB(1~20 Layers) Aluminium PCB


The main surface finish includes HASL, gold plating, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP.



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