Polyurethane Ear Plugs Foaming Machine

Polyurethane Ear Plugs Foaming Machine

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Plastic & Rubber Machinery Parts
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Shanghai Ckpu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Product name Polyurethane Ear Plugs Foaming Machine Certification -
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1, Usage

It is widely used in all kinds of hard foam, soft foam, semi-hard foam, wood-like PU products, such as refrigerator, freezer, wood like line, car seat, and steering wheel and so on.



1)      it is widely used in various materials proportion, which can be adjusted in accordance with real condition.

2)      It adopts PLC control program and equips with advanced touch screen. The perfect human-computer interaction makes operation easily and showing clearly.

3)      The high accuracy metering pump makes the proportion and output reach to a high level.


3, specification

Hard foam:

Output (g/s): 10-35; 16-66; 66-200; 100-400; 200-600; 350-1000; 900-1800

Power(kw): 9/11/12/30

Range of proportion: 100:50-150

Dimension: with arm 4100L×1250W×2300H(mm)

Weight(kg): 1000/1200/1350


Soft foam:

Output (g/s): 2-6; 6-16; 10-30; 30-80; 50-150; 100-300; 150-400; 200-600

Power(kw): 8/9/11/12

Range of proportion: 100:28~48

Dimension: With arm 1500L×750W×1500H(mm); With arm 4100L×1250W×2300H(mm)

Weight(kg): 1000/1200


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Shanghai Ckpu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China /
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Mr. Zhang
No. 1363, Zhudian Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai City.
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Furniture Machines,Other Construction Material Making Machinery,Packaging Machines,Plastic & Rubber Machinery Parts,Plastic Product Making Machinery
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Company introduction


We, Shanghai Ckpu Machinery Co., Ltd., follow the business ideas of high work efficiency, setting the standard and moving toward world, built a famous brand of CKPU. At present, CKPU has become one of the most dynamic, creative, competitive suppliers of polyurethane machineries and matching equipments.


Shanghai Ckpu Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces polyurethane machinery equipments, such as color steel sandwich panel production line, high and low pressure foaming machine, elastomer casting machine, seal strip casting machine, on-site foam packaging equipment, production line, etc. the products produced by equipments of our company are widely used in high speed rail, car, motorcycle, aircraft, building materials, household electrical appliances, ocean engineering, cushion packaging, clean energy, LPG transportation, minerals development, household life, air purified, automation, and so on.


Cases of products and technologies: seal strip, seat, sun visor, steering wheel, air filter, bumper, damper, freezer panel, color steel sandwich panel, outer wall polyurethane sandwich panel, decoration integrated plate, Roman pillar, wipe clay, refrigerator, freezer, water dispenser, water heater, Thermal insulation water box, low temperature test room, temporary house, seal cabinet, coupling, synchronous belt, caster, lifting weight, knife, Rubber Cot, impeller, lighting, valve, flow meter, reduction box, security door, interior door, insulation pipeline, screen plate, bunter, mattress, pillow, model, soft bag, TV wall, culture stone, medical bed, sandbag, boxing glove, hamlet, knee cap, clothes hanger, sneaker, sofa, powder puff, brake, etc.


CKPU carries the concept of ready for next challenge and innovation. In order to make the products reach to a high level, it puts 20% of sales income into research. At present, the products are sold in more than 30 countries. CKPU gets compliment from its partners. Meantime, it is ready for putting out more advanced equipments and techniques.


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