Organic Air Freshener - Air Sanitizer : BL-51

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South Korea
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Scandia Moss
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air freshner, oxidizer, air sanitizer, artificial moss
Bathroom Accessories , Air Fresheners , Garden Plants & Ornaments , Other Home Decor , Other Environmental Products
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South Korea South Korea / 2008
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Product name Organic Air Freshener - Air Sanitizer : BL-51 Certification -
Category Bathroom Accessories
Air Fresheners
Garden Plants & Ornaments
Other Home Decor
Other Environmental Products
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Keyword air freshner , oxidizer , air sanitizer , artificial moss Unit Size 350.0 * 70.0 * 350.0 mm
Brand name Scandia Moss Unit Weigh 2 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
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Product Information

Today, more and more people are going Green & Eco-Friendly.Scandia Moss is a moss Brand Processed with our Eco-Friendly Technology in order to bring a Natural moss from the Northern Arctic area with clean air and water into our Indoor life. 

Scandia Moss Maintenance Free, Watering not required.No Trimming, and No Sunlight Required.It is minimum 30% Humidity enough for which is the same range you need for your Well-Being. Naturally Hydroscopic, Scandia Moss absorbs and expels moisture from the surrounding environment. 


Air Purificaion Function


Scandia Moss SM Panel  can absorb the toxins from air, promoting our Health and Well-Being.Scandia Moss eliminates harmful materials like Ammonia, Acetaldehyde & Acetic Acid.Atopy & Allegy caused by smoke pollution and environmental pollution with the best and safest method of Nature Itself. That makes good for having Scandia Moss in Kids Room & Playing Areas.
As indicated by the data chart, over 60% of Ammonia, Acetaldehyde & Acetic Acid from tobacco smoke were removed 5 minutes into the test. According to the Japan Electrical Manufactures Association standard, the air cleaner qualifies as having a deodorizing performance if over 50%of odors are removed within 30 minutes of test started. The evaluation of this test result based on air cleaner performance concludes that the deodorizing performance results of Scandia Moss shows over 88% removal rate within 30 minutes. Scandia Moss is safe and excellent in deodorization.
Scandia Moss is suitable for restrooms and kitchens where odors are prevalent. It is making our daily lives healthier and more relaxing, providing a clean atmosphere for individuals seeking Health Benefits. The implementation of Scandia Moss SM Panel in modern resting facilities provides beneficent properties of Nature by alleviating stress levels caused by noise, eye strain and pollution. The calm, soothing and quiet atmosphere of Green field can be experienced through Scandia Moss.

















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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2008
Business type



30, Hanse-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Product Category
Architecture Design,Other Home Products,Tiles & Accessories
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Company introduction

>> Company Introduction


Based upon the corporate mission statement of "To become the company to create value that everyone dreams of, through using environmentally friendly technologies” Teraria was established in 2008. 

Since 2008 we have specialized in designing and manufacturing of vertical garden and green wall technology, and have committed to continuous innovation and quality upgrade.

Our brand name ‘Scandia Moss’ is a natural moss collected from clean unpolluted Scandinavian forest and is an eco-friendly interior material. Scandia Moss looks like a miniature version of nature and makes one feel comfortable and peaceful. It is a totally new paradigm of green interior and applicable to any indoor space such as office space, resting space and commercial space.

We are trying to create a future-oriented cultural city from industrial city to the whole world and aim to be an environmentally friendly company.


>> Company History


Patent registration of Scandaia Moss Panel
The exclusive distributor agreement for Asian Market of Scandia moss
Selected to be a Social Enterprise by Gyeonggi Province
Selected to be company for Greenwall part project by R&D center of the SMBA
Selected to be a Social Enterprise by Gyeonggi Province
Start a cooperation with Daelim University
Cooperative relationship with SK Networks
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Australia Australia

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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

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South Korea South Korea

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Teraria Co., Ltd.

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