Revolution Galaxy S5 [phone case]

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iFACE Revolution
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ACE Display

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Product Information

Revolution Galaxy S5

│ Descriptions │

- This is the second model of iFace that is based on the basic features of case such as beauty, grip,
and shock absorption. It is a case with the same concept as the First Class.
Unlike the First Class which was designed based on the shape of women,
the revolution has a streamline design on the back, providing a different feeling of a grip from First Class.

- Stream line : The Revolution has a streamline design on the back, providing a different feeling of grip.
- Modernism : Galaxy S5 design & simple-modern iFace logo complete its finest design.
- Perfect Fit : You can easily feel our case perfectly fit your Galaxy S5 smartphone without any disturbance.

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ACE Display

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type


Jong Rin Lee
11F Gasan Business Center, 371-6 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 153-803,Korea
Product Category
Mobile Phone Cases,Mobile Phones & Accessories
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ACE Display distributes and sells smartphone and tablet PC accessories manufactured by the ACE Group.
The company is involved in global marketing activities by actively taking part in national and international IT-related exhibitions and trade shows, and is set to advance in the world market by building localized retail and wholesale distribution systems overseas. ACE Display has
established a secure distribution chain throughout Korea within a short period of time and is increasing its market presence in the U.S., China,Japan, Europe, Oceania, Central and
South America, the Middle East, and Africa. The company is also working to establish direct communication with customers through companyoperated stores and affiliates.


ACE Display opened the first iFace Shop in Samcheongdong and soon followed with another opening of a company-operated store in the new DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), the rising design hub of Asia. It is also operating an iFace flagship store inside the Youngdeungpo RetailMall.

ACE Display will continue to work hard to position itself at the forefront of the domestic and
international smart industry and to make every effort to secure its place as an international retail hub through the iFace official online shopping mall, iFace Mall (,
and through the smart accessories design shopping mall, Fandom Mall (



ACE集团旗下拥有ACE Display公司,专注于Ace集团生产的手机和平板电脑周边产品在全世界提供及销售。

ACE Display公司每年参加全世界IT关联产业的展会及博览会进行全球营销活动。

ACE Display公司早在韩国迅速发展架构公司销售网络。基于稳定的事业基础,目前积极进军海外市场。

 ACE Display的事业领域已经扩展到美国、日本、中国的国际市场,并且快要占领欧洲、澳洲、中东、拉丁美洲、 



ACE Display为了了解消费者对产品的要求和满足,开设了直营店和连锁店。

ACE Display公司直营的总店就在韩国首尔三清洞和亚洲Design HubDDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) 



为了满足全球消费者的多样需求,通过官方网站 iFacemall(, 和专门销售智能手机周边产品的 


 Fandomall ( 提供及销售产品。ACE Dispay公司为了与智能产业携手同行,  







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