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    Keyword li ion battery , li polymer battery , lifepo4 , ess(energy storage system) Unit Size 191.0 * 250.0 * 217.0 mm
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    Innovative Portable Energy Storage System ES Series

    Power When You would be Powerless !!!

    It’s a Real Portable. It just weights 18 lb at 640W

    The Energy Storage System ES Series (ES320, ES640) are  silent, clean,

    safe, and portable Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePo4) Battery based silent

    generator that operates without fumes so can be used in shelters and

    enclosed areas.

       The portable battery ES Series store the captured power in a state of

    the art Lithium Ion Phosphate(LiFePo4) Battery pack to be

    taken with you and used whenever or wherever you might need it. When

    you need to power a laptop computer, lights (for best results use LED

    lighting) and other devices using DCs during an emergency or electrical 

    power outage, the ES Series will give you the Power.

    The ES Series are so light, it’s portable enough to take wherever you want

    to go.

    Technical Specification of ES320/640

    • 57Ah LiFePO4 Battery provides 640Wh of electric power using DC (ES320 : 320Wh)

    • Battery charge time 2.5hrs (for a fully discharged battery-pack) (ES320 : 1.5hrs)
    • Battery charge from a 100W solar panel 6 - 8 hours sunlight (ES320 : 3-4 hours)
    • Battery rating: Over 2,000 complete charge/discharge cycles
     Battery shelf-life 10 Years
    World Top Class MCU Based BMS(Battery Management System) Technology
    • Integrated battery protection / charge control module
    Durable Design with Aluminum  Alloy Case for outdoor usage

    Outputs :
       -  USB : 2EA  (5V x 2100mA) 

        - Cigar Jack : 2 EA ( 10.5A x 14V ) 

        - Note Book : 1 EA (19V x 3A)
    Inputs :
       -  AC/DC Adapter : 18V/4~5A,  

        - Vehicle Charger  : 12~24V/2A and Solar Charger (24V/2A) 

    • Battery Level Indicator (LED) and Power Switch



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