Increased fuel efficiency, Reduced Engine Noise, Reduced Emissions, Reduced Carbon

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South Korea
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emission, fine-dust, exhaust gas, mileage,
Cooling System , Car Care Products
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Greenixx Co., Ltd.

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Jan 09, 2023
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Product name GREENIXX Ⅳ Certification -
Category Cooling System
Car Care Products
Ingredients -
Keyword emission , fine-dust , exhaust gas , mileage Unit Size 70.0 * 48.0 * 158.0 mm
Brand name Greenixx Unit Weigh 280 g
origin South Korea Stock 5000
Supply type OBM HS code 382490

Product Information




Applicable vehicle : More than 11 tons trucks and large buses, heavy vehicles


Greenixx directly operate in explosive combustion before the exhaust gas emission.
So engine achieves nearly complete combustion thereby inhibits generation of hazardous exhaust gases. As a result, achieves improved fuel economy, horsepower up.
Increased the horsepower of the increasing engine combustion efficiency and cleaned up exhaust gas products that have been realized.
Such as in addition to fuel and oil supplements, or works outside the engine by far-infrared and magnetic energy.
However, Greenixx pay attention to circulated engine’scombustion chamber coolant.
Originally, it makes the engine’s cooling effect.
If you put the Greenixx in its, original action and action increased the burning rate of the engine.
Therefore, coolant is transformed into a new it.
This works lead to the engine’s original power and the movement, while the complete combustion of fuel.
Consequently Greenixx realizes energy conservation and purification of exhaust gas.


Advantage:It is simple enough for women to inject.

Product effects:
1.Savings in fuel 10~20%
2.Reduction in soot 30~80%
3.Noise reduction 5~15db
4.Improving output 10~30%
5.Reduction in stabic 70~80%
6.Antibacterial action
7.Greenhouse gas reduction 10~30%

Greenixx has been registered in both Korea and foreign patents.


  • How to use
  • Ingect greenixx when the temperature of coolant overs 60 degrees.


    • 1. In case there is a lid to the radiator(It is simple enough for women to inject.
      open the radiator cap and insert the vinyl tubing into the suction infector enclosed in the pack. Then take out coolant about 2000cc or more.
      Mix the GNX more than 40 times by shaking it hard enough and inject it into the radiator.
      Then, mix the antifreeze by shaking it enough times using the empty container and re-inject it into the radiator.

    • 2. In case there is no lid to the radiator.
      Cars from Daewoo, RV vehicles or foreign vehicles may not have a lid in the top of the radiator to put the antifreeze.
      For this kind of vehicles, first turn off the engine and take the antifreeze out in the same way(as the case when there is a lid to the radiator) from the secondary tank for coolant.
      Then, inject the product after shaking it well.

    • All vehicles must run for some time at idle at the speed of 2500 rpm.
      In the summer, the vehicle should run for more than 5 minutes at idle and in the winter more than 10 minutes (until the radiator fan spins) maintaining the speed.
      Also, emission test should be performed.

  • To pay attention by all means!
    The product performs better if the inside of the radiator is cleaner.
    If the vehicle was operated for a long time without changing the coolant then you will experience the maximum effect of GNX if you use it after changing the coolant.
    Check engine oil, air filter and electric wiring at the same time for better performance of GNX.

  • Precautions for Injection
    When the coolant shows intensive rust stain, clean the radiator well before filling the GNX.
    If the rust stain is not completely cleaned, then the effect is less.




B2B Trade

Price (FOB) 1000.0 USD transportation Air Transportation,Ocean Shipping
MOQ Negotiable Leadtime 7 Day
Payment Options L/C,T/T Shipping time Negotiable

Greenixx Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Recent Visit
Jan 09, 2023
Business type



Chuongkyo Shin
608-ho, knowledge industry center, 151, Gyejok-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Product Category
Car Care Products
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Company introduction

GREENIXX CO., LTD. have manufactured of greenhouse gas reduction additive putting in coolant water since 2011 located in Korea. Our company has the technology of making the Nano metal from the combined more than 40 kinds of elements of earth, which creates the radical active electron acting as role of catalyst to produce more active radical oxygen in combustion chamber to reduce more than 20% of the consumption of fuel and the hazardous gas. GREENIXX registered both Korean patent and Chinese patent. Also we are preparing for PCT. Online sales are being made in our own mall and some domestic open markets like gmarket, Auction,etc,. And offline sales are being made in our domestic agencies and many gas stations placed at high service area.

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China China

South Korea South Korea

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