LUKAS Dashcam LK-7950 wifi duo(WD)

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Home Security System , Car Cameras & Navigation , CCTV Camera , CCTV DVR , New Cars

9 Qrontech Co Ltd

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    Product name LUKAS Dashcam LK-7950 wifi duo(WD) Certification -
    Category Home Security System
    Car Cameras & Navigation
    CCTV Camera
    New Cars
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    Keyword dashcam , lk-7950 , smartphone dashcam , lukas dashcam Unit Size 109.0 * 99.0 * 38.0 mm
    Brand name LUKAS Unit Weigh 131 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
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    LK-7950 wifi duo(WD)

    1920X1080p, 1920X1080p
    Driving/Event/Parking Mode RECORDING
    Supporting 256GB(SD Card) + 256GB(microSD) = 512GB MEMORY

    Special dash cam !
    the Best Quality 2CH FHD-FHD DASH CAM
    100% Made in Korea

    │ Product Description │

    ● Camera Lens : Full HD dedicated 2.1M Effective Pixel SONY IMX 322 Sensor, 1/2.9(inch)
    ● Viewing Angle: Front 135° , Rear 130°
    ● Resolution: Front 1920 x 1080p" , Rear 1920 x 1080p"
    ● Recording Speed (Max.): 30+24fps"
    ● Sensitivity: Front 0.5 Lux , Rear 1 Lux"
    ● Voice Guidance : 21-Language Voice Guidance Support
    Korean, English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish(America), Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Mongolian, Turkish, Italian, Hindi, Czech, Cantonese, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu
    ● Video Compression : H.264 (AVI format)
    ● G-Sensor :Yes
    ● GPS : Built-in Dual Band (GPS + GLONASS)
    ● Dual card slots (SD and microSD), supporting 256GB+256GB = 512GB
    ● Super Cap (Back-up battery)
    ● Manual Format Function
    ● Current Consumption : 370mA
    ● High-temperature Safety Sensor : 80°C
    ● Capacity of Driving Info Data : 1,000,000
    ● Low-voltage Cut-off Function
    ● OBD 2 MODULE Available
    ● Video Player : General media player, Lukas viewer
    ● Audio : Built-in Speaker, Microphone
    ● DC Power:DC 9V - 24V
    ● Operating Temp.:-30°C ~ 80°C (-4℉ ~ 158 ℉)
    ● Storage Temp.:-30°C ~ 80°C (-4℉ ~ 194℉)
    ● Size(mm): Front 109x99x38(mm) , Rear 50x26x31(mm)
    ● Weight(g) F:161g , R: 25g(included GPS, UV Filter, Dongle)


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    9 Qrontech Co Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Jong-Ok Kim

    • Address

      #A/1201, 583 Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07547, Republic of Korea

    • Product Category

      Car Cameras & Navigation

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    • Company introduction

      Established in August 11th 2006, Qrontech Co., LTD (DBA Lukas) has developed and commercialized built-in GPS car black box for the first time in South Korea.

      As one of the best leading companies, Lukas has also come up with a wide range of driver assistance systems like car navigation systems, digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), DMB tuners, GSP modules, antennae, telematics terminals, RFID readers and Zigbee technology. The company has also launched ample products including 1-channel and 2-channel items running from VGA to HD & Full HD format.

       Lukas is the only company developing its own solution of UPS units for automobiles and various car accessories. With R&D, production, after-sales service and customer satisfaction under the direct management of the Headquarter, Lukas has successfully bolstered QC and implemented superior CS. As a result, we’ve got many certificates relate with quality of products. The prestigious Lukas black box has been made to tailor to meet consumers' needs and reflect the state-of-the–art IT technology Lukas has originally developed. It shows Lukas is best “Innovative & Quality-wise” company.

      Just keeping going on, Lukas has witnessed repeat customers and a lot of new customers soaring over time.

      Since we have started to launch for the world market of Car Black Box, we anticipate Lukas black boxes will position as the indispensable accessory among global car owners.

      All staff of Lukas will do the best until Lukas becomes the “NO.1 Car Black Box Maker” in the world.


    • Main Markets
      • Australia Australia
      • Canada Canada
      • U. Kingdom U. Kingdom
      • South Korea South Korea
      • Kuwait Kuwait
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Russia Russia
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Factory Information
      • QRONTECH
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