chemical foam agent for leak stoppage

chemical foam agent for leak stoppage

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pu injection resin, waterproofing, polyurethane injection, waterstop,
Molds , Insulator , Waterproofing Materials
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Daehwa Precision Co., Ltd.

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Product name chemical foam agent for leak stoppage Certification -
Category Molds
Waterproofing Materials
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Product Information

PU Injection Foam (DHP-3000)

This product is Hydrophilic (hydrophile property) waterstop material which is very effective for leakage of underground structure. And it is also effective for extension joint section and structure that is vulnerable by vibration. It is mainly applied in place where lots of water is. DHP-3000 is 1 component type polyurethane resin and has 700%~800% of foaming rate. It forms high density and high elasticity Cell. Especially, it does not turns into yellowish color in other word no discoloration. This is excellent product.

l Characteristics l

  • It forms high density and elasticity Foam and its water proof is excellent.
  • With its low viscosity, it is very easy to inject of hairline crack. It has excellent waterstop effect.
  • It is hydrophile property that reacts even with very small amount of moisture. It forms Foam and it make possible to waterstop minute crack thoroughly.
  • Foam also has excellent elasticity that accepts movement of concrete. Therefore it is very effective once it is applied on the place where vibration is severe

l Usage l

Waterstops crack leakage spot and joint section of all the concrete structure that accompanies any movements.

l Application Area l

Use for the cracks water stop of concrete structures and wster stop treatment for joint areas, wet areas and areas of considerable leaks, and can be used in the following areas.

  • Waterstops for leaking section of basement parking lot and underground concrete structure.
  • Waterstops for cracked leakage section of structure that has vibration.
  • Waterstops for leakage of concrete joint section.
  • Waterstops for leakage section and water waste treatment thak that accompanies any movements.
  • Waterstops for leakage section of parking lot ramp and for underground electric line passage.

  1. It is specially designed to endure high pressure that is applied. Injected resin won't flow backward and this packer is also specially designed not to leak resin around stabilized and fixed packer.
  2. This is 1 component type high-pressure injection equipment that is specially manufactured to fill on a leakage and fracture spot by using polyurethane foam and epoxy injection material.

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Daehwa Precision Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Jae In Cha
#B110/B111 Suntechcity Bldg. 513-15, Sangdaewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
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Epoxy Adhesives,I.V Equipments,Waterproofing Materials
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Our company are manufacture to specialized the production of reinforced & repair materials for concrete structure. We has improved market share by the product quality with mass production in automate system, in korea situation of not systematic to reinforce & repair products for concrete on Domestic inception. We has development and self-production from Polyurethan foam and Epoxy resin in essential for repair of concrete by ongoing research. Our company was establish of Total system to repair & reinforced materials of concrete. It support to construction sites of goods for concrete structure in whole country. even, support to over 10 countries on overseas 

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