Frelle Bubblin Skin Cleanser, FB300

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Frelle Bubblin Skin Cleanser, FB300
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health & beauty products, micro bubble shower head, faucet bathroom, skin care and beauty product,
Water Treatment , Other Bathroom , Bathroom Faucets

14 ROBOTOUS Co.,Ltd.

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    Product name Frelle Bubblin Skin Cleanser, FB300 Certification -
    Category Water Treatment
    Other Bathroom
    Bathroom Faucets
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    Keyword health & beauty products , micro bubble shower head , faucet bathroom , skin care and beauty product Unit Size 99.0 * 86.0 * 260.0 mm
    Brand name Frelle Bubblin Skin Cleanser, FB300 Unit Weigh 310 g
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    Supply type - HS code 3922
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    1. Handy type beauty skin cleanser first in the market

    * Skin cleansing shower head with stream strength control and anti-virus filter inside first in the market 

    * Beauty skin cleanser specially featured to care skin pores with micro bubbles smaller than pore


    2. Micro bubble control (1~5 steps) 

    * User can select the best fit level of micro bubble upon their bathroom water pressure environment to optimize its performance.


    3. Shower stream strength control (1~3 steps , Max. 3 times stronger)

    * Dial to enjoy your shower preference


    4. Anti-virus filter inside - Head Refill filter

    * In addition to micro bubble shower, filter inside gives more sanitary skin care than any other plain heads


    5. Stylish design

    * Pottery feeling in design matched with consumer's luxury bathroom mood




    1)Excellent skin moisturizing effect : Micro bubbles give deep into skin pore the healthy moisture.
    2)Powerful skin cleasing for skin beauty : Tiny bubbles effectively wash out skin by adsorption separation, so that helps skin elasticity and vitality better.
    3)Anion effect : The plenty of anions are also generated (100,000~120,000 ion/cc) in micro bubble shower which gives healing effect.
    4)Sterilization effect : OH- free radical gives powerful effect to kill colon bacillus and pseudomonas aeruginosa in the water.
    5)Forest bath effect : Indulge yourself at home in the plenty of anion environment as 50 times more than in the real forest.
    6)Cleansing power : Micro bubbles fundamentally cling to waste and float up to separate from the object, so they perform cleaning very much effectively than just tap water.



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    14 ROBOTOUS Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Moon Hong Yeon

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      8th fl. KINS Tower, 25-1, Jeongja-dong, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam-city

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    • Company introduction

      Since companys foundation in November 2004, ROBOTOUS has been strived to achieve complete customer-satisfaction by researching and developing products to meet customer needs based on the best quality, performance, and service in robotic and eco-friendly business portfolio. 

         In the recent history, ROBOTOUS had been in the sole partner of IBM as the single supplier for more than 10 years in the Motor Actuator Assembly (MAA) business that is a core component  for head control of the LTO (Linear Tape Open) equipments of IBM USA. The MAA is a part of the Gen#3, 4, 5 and now Gen#7 Tape Storage Drives which are used to read and write data from tape media containing terabyte level high density data track. It requires very much precise position and high speed motion control technology for high-speed tracking function.

      To any business, ROBOTOUS is doing our best to achieve higher quality and price-competitiveness and we are making effort to continue our business activities by establishing of precise production process that is based not only on precise component design but also on automation and image processing technology.

         ROBOTOUS has developed another successful business in consumer business side, Microbubble product,  selling these products to Korea, Japanese and China markets and  keeps working to expand business arena with these echo-friendly products.

      With FRELLE micro bubble products, our objectives are

       To establish a win-win business relationship with your company

              To lead micro bubble home life in near future

              To supply the high quality micro bubble shower head and the      spray head for kitchen with the best service

              To make B2B customers satisfied with their new product lines


      FRELLE micro bubble products have been invented few years ago and patented over 141 countries including USA. These products are able to generate micro bubbles to improve skin issues as proven in the clinical studies (refer to the product introduction and attachment) and have been sold more than 300,000 units so far and received the highest rating of performance test in Japan which has the in-depth technology in micro bubble development and application.

      Based on cutting-edge Mechatronic technology that we have developed so far, we will attempt continuous growth and expansion of businesses and move forward step-by-step to become a faithful company contributing to society through R&D activities in robot and eco-friendly sectors.

      Providing excellent products and making your customers satisfied are our essential responsibilities and all of the staffs will do their best for that as the top priority with honesty and faithfulness.

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      • ROBOTOUS
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