Guardman FS Coveralls

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8 Dainnuri Co., Ltd

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    Guardman FS Coveralls


    NAME FS Coverall
    ITEM FS Disposable one-piece coverall
    COMPONENT MATERIAL PP Spunbond + PE Film Coating, 65g/m2
    COLOR White
    SIZE XL, 2XL
    REMARK Color, size and package labeling can be altered upon request
    LEAD TIME Within 30 days of receipt of P.O.
    (Within thirty days of confirmation of printed sample if printing is required)
    PACKAGING VINYL 1 PC / Poly Vinyl
    CARTON 25 Vinyl / Carton
    CARTON SIZE L 510 X W 330 X H 330 (mm)
    ORIGIN China
    AMOUNT 20 FT CTN 12,500PCS
    40 FT HQ CTN 30,000 PCS


    FS coveralls use fabric that is produced by laminating PP spunbond fibers with polyethylene (PE) film that has been treated for static resistance and is waterproof for outstanding comfort and breathability


    FS coveralls provide barrier protection against tiny particles, blood, alcohol, oils, polluted liquids and so on. These coveralls provide static resistance, oil resistanceand is waterproof.


    The efficient breathable nature of the material allows for extended periods of wear and allows the wearer to maintain a pleasant, comfortable, and sanitary physical state while working.

    An economical choice considering the low cost per unit and possibility of repetitive use as well as the need for disposal resulting from heavy contamination.*

    Good for workers in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, general maintenance and repairs, food processing, painting, pharmaceutical companies, asbestos removal, grinding operations, sanding operations, livestock production, construction, waste disposal, airports, power plants, iron/steel industries and so on.


    *Repetitive use may alter its effectiveness

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    8 Dainnuri Co., Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jeong-hoon Ku

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      274, Jungbong-daero, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Industry Fabric,Safety Gloves,Other Safety Products

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      Since its founding in 2010, Dainnuri Corportation has continuously grown despite its short history.  Dainnuri aims to impress consumers in orer to become established as a leading corporation for our customers' convenience and is future-oriented in the field of industrial safety and health.


      Dainnuri corporation always strives to supply products of the highest quality in industrial, safety and healthcare sectors as well as common household items such as rubber gloves, sanitary bags, tapes and so on.


      Dainnuri will earn consumers' trust by always working to improve quality through consistent production control in order to provide products that only Dain Nuri can produce.


      Dainnuri is a manufacturing, distributing and trading company.

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