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    Sammi ovencook

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    │ Description │

    SAMMIOVENCOOK has a layer of air between the outer shell and the inner surface of the pot. The air layer prevents soups from boiling over, keeps the inner surface of the pot at temperatures below 120℃ on a medium heat stove, thereby preventing the food from burning. The pot can be used to bake bread, grill chicken and boil/bake/fry potato amongst other uses.

    │Special Feature │

    • Three-tiered structure of the SAMMI OVENCOOK
      1. As the temperature is even inside of the cooker, you can even make dishes which were only possible in an oven.
      2. It does not overflow due to less convection.
      3. It is highly effective in keeping nutrients.
      4. When you roast meat in the cooker, it seldom burns due to even temperature.
      5. As the moisture is preserved while cooking, the cooker cooks deliciously.
    • Special coating technology
      New-tech pressing, deep-drawing and hard-anodizing techniques were applied to make firm strong plasma ceramic coating so it has a long run life and coating does not flake.
    • 304 stainless steel air three-tiered structure
      stainless steel cooker does not burn and scorch, so it cooks deliciously.
    • Wellbeing dish
      It is reported that if the temperature goes above 120˚C when meat is roasted with medium-less heat.

    │ Structure of the SAMMI OVENCOOK │


    │ Comparison graph of cook temperature │

    editorimg-The figure was obtained per minute when the thermocouple was attached and the multiple recorders were used.

    -The graph shows a temperature when two thirds the each cooks were filled with potato whithout water and highest heat was applied for cooking.



    │ How to use │


    │ Won the Special prize in Geneva International Invention and New Technology │

    -Won a gold prize

    -Acquired PCT Internatonal patent



    │ Awards and new technology certificates │


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    9 SAMMI. Co.,Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Chachic Kim

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      #63-1, Chungchun-1 dong, Bupyung-go, Incheon, Korea

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      Cookware & Cooking Tools,Cookware Sets,Pans,Steamers

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    • Company introduction


      Sammi was founded in 1972 and has manufactured various kitchenware from dinnerware to pressure cookers. Its plating technology was the first to earn the KS Mark among the industry in Korea.


      Since its establishment, the company has acquired more than one hundred patents at home and abroad.
      Its main product based on patented technology, Sammi Oven Cook, was introduced on KBS TV as an innovative product. The company won the ministerial prize  in 2008 and both the gold prize and special prize in the International Patent Invention Contest in Switzerland in 2010. As proven in worldwide acknow-ledgements, Sammi OvenCook has been highly recognized for its technical excellence. The company continually invests in R&D to produce innovative, creative products based on its proprietary technology.



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        Sammi ovencook

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