Thermal Silicone Pad, Thermal Pad, Heat Sink,

Thermal Silicone Pad, Thermal Pad, Heat Sink,

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South Korea
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HNS Co., Ltd
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heat sink, thermal conduct silicone pad, thermal pad, thermal sheet,
Electrical Equipment , Rubber Sheets , Other Rubber Products

HNS Co., Ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Product name Thermal Silicone Pad, Thermal Pad, Heat Sink, Certification -
Category Electrical Equipment
Rubber Sheets
Other Rubber Products
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Product Information

HNS thermal conductive silicone sheets and pads offer high conformability and performance in terms of heat transfer and conductivity. Low-modulus characteristic offers great performance and easy handling. Natural tacky on both sides or single side provides convenient option to meet various customers needs.  


Features and Benfits 


∙ Thermal conductivity 1.5 W/mK

∙ Ultra Soft Type for highly conformable.

∙ High electrical resistivity excellent

∙ Excellent flame retardancy.

∙ Natural tack on one or both sides.

∙ Thickness can be variable

∙ Available in sheets and die-cut parts.

∙ Reduce thermal resistance by eliminating air gaps.

∙ Low-stress for vibration and shock damping.

∙ Improved performance for high-heat assemblies.

∙ Usable over a wide range of temperature.



Between various IC and heat sink or chassis.

Power supplies

CDROM/DVD/BD/hard drive.

Set-top box/PVR.


Between other heat-generating devices and chassis.

B2B Trade

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HNS Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type



Dongjin Nam
321-5, Opoan-ro, opo-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyunggi-do, Korea (464-909)
Product Category
Electrical Equipment,Home Appliance Rubber,Silicone Rubber
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Company introduction


An Approved Vendor of Samsung and LG Electronics


HNS Co., Ltd runs business in the field of Display & Electronics with various thermal solution and specialty materials.

Since the company established in 2005, HNS put enormous effort to develop and manufacture quality assured thermal materials for IT and home appliances and display materials.  


With our hard work and effort, our company is an approved vendor of Samsung and LG Electronics.  Our thermal silicon conductive pad is being supplied to LG and Samsung Electronics for 70% of their total thermal product use.


Our specialty materials are as below.

- Optical Bonding Material(OCR/OCA)
- LED Encapsulant
- Silicone Adhesive

**Thermal Material
-  Thermal Pad/Sheet/Paste
-  Ultra Soft Thermal Pad
 - Thermal Gap Filler/Molding Material
 - Heat Dissipation Ceramic Coating

- EMI Absorber
- Silicone Conformal Coating Material



Main Markets

China China

Japan Japan

Russia Russia

Turkey Turkey


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HNS Co., Ltd

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