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    Premium LED Desk Lamp - ENGOTH-7000


    Light Emitting Diode(LED) is revolutionized energy-efficient lighting which is small, solid light bulbs and extremely energy-efficient.
    This new light source is rapidly replacing fluorescent bulbs and provides a comfortable and cozy environment for your home and/or business.

    │ Advantages of LED Light Technology │

    1) More efficient and Save Energy
    - LED uses only 2~10 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of incandescent or CFL) and lasts for years saving energy and cost reducing inn maintenance and replacement.

    2) Long lasting
    - Unlike normal light bulb, LED operates 40,000 hours or more and it's up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents. Without filament, it's not damaged under circumstances when a regular incandescent bulb would be broken. LED's are solid and hold up to jarring and bumping.

    3) Rapid response
    - LED is powered by DC(Direct Current) and light source is semiconductor type. These combination works with rapid response without flickering.
    Therefore your vision fatigue lessens compared to light flickering light source.

    4) Full spectrum lighting
    - Easy on your eyes with adjustable colors and luminance (lux) for optimum light condition.

    5) Environmentally friendly light source
    - No mercury is used in manufacturing LEDs and does not discharge any ultraviolet lays(UV). LED doesn't cause fading and aging of artwork or other sensitive materials, though fluorescent and halogen lights causes damage on them over time.

    │ Light temperature (Light color) adjusting │

    1. Language (Language and memorization)
      Light Temperature 3,800~4,500K is mainly orange and yellow color and it helps language, memorization and studying linguistics. Especially light around 4,000K, Vision fatigue increase gradually so that you can concentrate on long time.
      - Step 1: 430 lux
      - Step 2: 870 lux
      - Step 3: 1320 lux

    2. Mathematics (Logical thinking and calculation)
      Light Temperature 6,500~7,000K is mainly blue color and it helps attention and concentration so that brain works faster and more logical, such as mathematics or science.
      - Step 1: 290 lux
      - Step 2: 580 lux
      - Step 3: 890 lux

    3. Creative and relax (Art and relax)
      Light Temperature 2,500~3,000K is mainly red color for Art and relaxation. In this scope, mental fatigue lessens and stability and imagination is maximized.
      Therefore this scope is good for artistic action or
      - Step 1: 210 lux
      - Step 2: 450 lux
      - Step 3: 670 lux

    4. * If you adapt the light temperature or light color to test-takers or workers, still make the works more efficient. PRISM LED desk lamps are made on the basis of those ideas.
      Adjust the illumination intensity according to your task.

    │ Soft touch sensor & Timer │

    Only touch for adjusting illumination intensity (lux).
    Automatic 50 minutes timer will turn off automatically after 50 minutes lighting.
    When 50 minutes timer function, you can take a rest after 50 minutes concentration.
    Or you can use the function reading books Creative & relax mode in your bedrooms.

    │ Anti glaring filter with light defusing technology │

    LUMIPLAS, the new material filter, prevents light glaring with high light-penetration.

    Anti-glaring filter with light defusing technology for LED (New material 'LUMIPLAS' by LG chem.)
    BEGARLUS material cover only for LED lights by LG chem.

    'LUMIPLAS' is Anti-glaring filter with light defusing technology for LED
    'LUMIPLAS in nano-technology created nano-plastic for anti-glaring and light defusing.

    Caution!: Please never remove the filter from the LED module. LG LUMIPLAS

    │ Adjustable various angles │

    1. Head of desk lamp: Vertical adjustment
      - Head of desk lamp is turned in 20˚ range vertically.

    2. Head of desk lamp: Up and down
      - Use coin to adjust head of desk lamp at various angles.

    3. Body of desk lamp: Horizontal rotation
      - Head of desk lamp rotates 180˚ from left to right.

    4. Body of desk lamp: Up and down
      - Upper body of desk lamp moves front and back side.

    │ Powered by Touch │

    Touch the power logo of lower body to turn on and off.


    2008.10.30 GD(Good Design) Mark acquired

    │ Tip for use! │

    Using for mood light for living room
    Good for use mood light for living room.

    │ CONTENTS │

    Inbox, LED desk lamp, Adapter, User's manual and Warranty card


    Power supply
    Input: 100V~240V / 50 ~ 60HZ
    Output: 24V / 1A
    Power consumption
    Max : 12.2W / Min : 5.0W
    LED Module
    0.2W * 60EA
    LED life span
    Min 50,000 hours
    Illumination intensity(Lux)
    Language : step1: 430/step2:870/step3:1,320
    Mathematics : step1:290/step2:580/step3:890
    Cereative & Relax : step1:210/step2:450/step3:670
    Aluminum, ABS
    23.5 * 23.5 * 57 (Width*Length*Height)
    Bar code
    7000W: 9909134670958
    7000B: 8809134670965
    PRISM Co.,Ltd.
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    8 PRISM Co Ltd

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      SUK HO KIM

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      Established in 2002, Prism is specialized in manufacturing LED lighting fixtures such as LED stands, LED lanterns, and furniture lighting.

      We acquired various domestic certifications such as KS, Venture Biz, INNOBIZ, global Small-giant enterprise, and Good Design. We also comply with various international standards such as ETL, CE, ISO, BSMI and PSE.

      With those qualifications we are exporting our products to USA, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, France, and many other countries where global distribution chains and multi-national groups are located.

      Prism is committed to manufacturing consumer-oriented products and is investing abundant amount each year to develop new products.

      With those efforts, Prism is achieving unprecedented growth rates and continues to strengthen its capabilities.

      Prism operates the largest domestic production sites for LED consumer product. Due to this outstanding production capacity we are achieving national top LED maker.

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      • Premium LED Desk Lamp ENGOTH 7000

        Premium LED Desk Lamp ENGOTH 7000

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