Used car anti theft starter kill device

Used car anti theft starter kill device

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Vehicle anti-theft Engine Lock
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BISRO Co., Ltd

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name Used car anti theft starter kill device Certification -
Category Car Alarms Ingredients -
Keyword car sharing , used car , anti theft device , keyless entry keypad Unit Size 170.0 * 120.0 * 40.0 mm
Brand name Vehicle anti-theft Engine Lock Unit Weigh 200 mg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 871120

Product Information

 Starter Kill Device using Keyless entry keypad 


Starter Kill Device

The Starter Kill device is a theft prevention device installed into the ignition circuit of vehicles. When triggered, it prevents the electrical circuit from being completed, and therefore keeps the engine from starting.

The SKTP-100 Digital Failsafe Starter Kill is designed to be used as an option of Keyfree Touch.
When used with the Keyfree Touch, the SKTP-100 prevents the starter from cranking.
The SKTP-100 has following features

Case 1 When the door locked by Keyfree Touch
    To start the engine, the door should unlock by Keyfree Touch and turn

   on the key.

Case 2 When the door locked by Remocon and unlocks the door with Remocon
    The engine starts with key or start button (common usage)
   * Starter Kill function will not work.

Case 3 When the door locked by Keyfree Touch and unlock by Remocon
     The engine cannot run. Starter Kill working

The SKTP-100 is simply touch the glass over the windshield, locked in a vehicle security, openness can be. Smart as a unit installed in a vehicle is listed as safe. To unlock and start the engine, simply enter your personalized 4 to 10 digit access code at the windshield. It is the best for anti-theft, car sharing and outdoor activities such as Hiking, jogging, swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving and fishing.


  Random security code  

  You can open your door without revealing PIN code with Random security code to safely  

  protect your vehicle 


 Artificial Intelligent Algorithm 

  Starter kill device enhanced artificial algorithm to prevent malfunction in rain, snow  

  and the other natural phenomena.  


 Enhanced LED backlight feature  

  Keypad lights at first touch for nighttime convenience.  


 Multiple usage 

  You can select the starter kill or common mode simply 



   Supply Voltage DC 12V (Negative signal only)

  • Console unit dimensions: 112 (W) × 29 (H) × 9 (D) mm

  • Control panel Dimensions: 125 (W) × 32 (H) mm

  • Current Draw Standby:

   - without LED scan 5mA (0.06W),

   - with LED scan 6mA (0.072W)

   - Starter Kill module: No standby current

  • Operating Environment

   - 30˚C to +80˚C (-22 F ~ 176°F)



   Keyfree Touch main module  

   Starter Kill Control module  

   Auxiliary Keyfree Touch  

   Keypad, Harness wire, manual  




   Keyfree Touch main module



Oversea Business Partner

   Japan, North America (US, Canada), Mexico, Russia, Austoralia, Europe


1. Outdoor Activities


Lock up the keys on purpose prior to doing physical activity-such as swimming, hiking, jogging, camping. Unlock the car by using the Keyfree Touch afterwards.

2. Car sharing


3. You can lock the door with engine run 



Have you ever left your car unlocked, engine running while you went off for a few minutes to get something? This gives a car park thieves plenty of opportunity to open your car doors grabbing anything of value.




Japan & Greece partner





 Gift box dimension

 19cm * 11cm * 42cm

 Weight 200g


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BISRO Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Peter RO
JoongAng Ilbo 9F, 778 Wonsi-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Vehicles & Accessories
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BISRO is established on the basis of the motto “The Spirit of Creative and Challenge,” BISRO will cope with the fluctuant market paradigm through speed and simple management, and jump up to the world-class enterprise by securing global competitiveness and continuous development of cutting-edge technology and market oriented products. High Technologies in Daily Life BISRO is established on the mission of “High Technology in Everyday Life”, and we exert our utmost of R&D to meet ever-changing market requirements and to be the winner of the Car digital door lock System. BISRO products are designed for customers’ needs on the right place with benefits. We will continue our efforts to accomplish our mission to deliver technology into life with the best time to market. BISRO in the World BISRO aims globalization with strengthening global management and international competitiveness. To make it possible, BISRO headquarter, in Korea, works as the strategic hub of R&D and global management, and its overseas partners work as the base of sales and global marketing. Thus, BISRO will stand in the leading position and realize its globalization through proactive management strategy and global network with R&D and marketing. BISRO have been exported the products as OEM and its own brand to North America and extend to the European, Russian and Japan market.

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