A Fabric Ball Pool(Pastel colors and logos)

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Cushion & Cushion Cover , Nursery Furniture & Decor , Other Furniture
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South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Product name A Fabric Ball Pool(Pastel colors and logos) Certification -
Category Cushion & Cushion Cover
Nursery Furniture & Decor
Other Furniture
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Supply type - HS code 950390

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*100% handmade. (made in Korea)
*Soabe’s patented item (patent no. 10-1116545)

*It is a fabric ball pit which is decorated with pastel colored fabrics and Soabe's logos.

*The cover is decorated with two trees and bird patchworks.

*A fabric ball pit is an item created for babies who like balls and mothers interested in interior design. 
*When babies want to play games, simply open the upper part with the zipper.
*If not, close the zipper so that dust does not accumulate on the balls for hygienic keeping. 
*It is a practical product that can also be used as a pouf.
*The sides are cushioned for safe playing of babies.
*The bottom surface can be detached for washing. 
*If not using the balls, you may replace them with “inside cushion.” 
*Small Size: diameter about 60 cm, height about 30 cm / approx. 24" x 24" x 12" 
 Medium Size: diameter about 75 cm, height about 30 cm / approx. 30" x 30" x 12" 
 Large Size: diameter about 87 cm, height about 30cm / approx. 34"x 34"x 12"
*Materials: cotton 100%, hypo-allergenic premium polyester fiberfill

*The sample is a large size.

*Putting 100 small balls in the small size, 200 balls in the medium size, and 300 balls in the large size is suitable for playing in fabric ball pool.
*You can also keep sewn soft dolls inside.

*You can order your own design ball pool pouf if you want.


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type


Youngju, Lee
303 Main building, Suseong College, Manchon 3-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Product Category
Infant & Toddler Clothing,Other Baby Supplies & Products
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Soabe is a compound word formed from the words "Soave" which is the music term meant soft and "Bebe" which means baby.
The reason to make this name is the hope to give a product stitching mother's hands directly with love and care for a cute and lovely baby.

Soabe made 100% handmade and order-made products, and we aim for 'only one' design which cannot be made by mass production system.

Soabe`s mission is to provide children & adult with the most luxurious, unique items.

Boutique Soabe 
for baby
since 2011




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