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7 Estien Corp.

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    Functional Cookies


    Functional Cookies

    1. Good Cookies for Skin- Herring & Potato
      Keeps skin and coat healthy
      Improves skin conditions such as atopic skin

    2. Good Cookies for joint-Green lipped Mussel
      Helps in regeneration of damages joints
      Keeps Joints healthy

    3. Good Cookies for liver-Milk Thistle
      Prevents cell destruction
      Improves liver function with antioxidant properties

    4. Good Cookies for obesity and diabetes -Blend of special carbohydrates
      Promotes fat consumption
      Regulates blood glucose

    5. Good Cookies for kidney and calculus-Nitrogen excretion supply of protein Nitrogen excretion, supply of protein
      Helps in preventing stone formation

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    7 Estien Corp.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Woon Done,Yeo

    • Address

      AceHighTechCity 1- 718, 55-20 Mullae-Dong 3 ka , Yeongdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, Korea 150-972

    • Product Category

      Other Animal Feeds,Fruit & Vegetable Seeds

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    • Company introduction

      As a leading company in Korean pet business since 1999, Estien Corporation(South Korea) is proudly introducing some innovative natural extracts, probiotics, and some other pet products into the global market.

    • Main Markets
      • Japan Japan
    • Main Product
      • Real BIFIDUS

        Real BIFIDUS

      • Healthy Nature Hardy Kiwi extract

        Healthy Nature Hardy Kiwi extract

      • Functional Cookies

        Functional Cookies

      • Pebe


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